Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Put a Dent In That

For the last two days, I have gone to school at 7:30 and worked until meetings at 9:00. Then I worked my lunch time from 11:30-1:00. Afternoons, we worked on using new technology and other curriculum issues.

I have accomplished quite a bit: seating charts, birthday calendar, new signage for the Chrome Books the students will be using this year, lesson plans for the first two weeks, and inventory of the paint and materials for the play. I even have things on the board ready to go. Whew!

Using time wisely will be the focus of this fall. In the next few days I will need audition information ready to distribute, and a bit more detail added to the rehearsal schedule.

There is still quite a bit to do for the show, but I am feeling better about the first day of school.

As much as I didn't like giving up four days of my summer for this tech work, I really appreciate how much I learned about dealing with our new teacher computers, student chromebooks, and then how much I was able to accomplish in my classroom. Not to mention that, though we didn't get paid for those days, now my "old" MacBook Pro teacher computer is mine to keep. That was our pay.

And that is how you put some dents in the work load. (Both from the administrative side and the teacher side.)

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