Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There are so many exciting things going on with Extreme Home Makeovers here. As people pour into town to help, I find myself getting choked with tears. I'm not really sure why sometimes. I am so glad that people are getting the help they need to return to their homes. The family chosen, while not a family I know, are certainly deserving. The young Dad was shot in the throat after spending just a short time in Iraq. He was awarded the purple heart. They had a baby just a week or so before the tornado. They huddled in a closet, sheltering their kids with their bodies while their house was destroyed. No, they may not be long-time residents, but anyone who has gone through what they did, certainly deserves a new home.

Another family being helped lives right on main street. Their small cottage house has always been a charming part of our downtown area. They have been active in this community for years. Their house, while still standing, needed gutting. And that is what is happening this week. The entire interior will be repaired and remodeled for them.

A big perk for the entire town is taking the center empty area right on the edge of downtown and creating a park and community shelter. This town has been depressing to look at, so I am hopeful that this area will be a beautification project that may give all of our town a needed shot in the arm.

All of these wonderful things are going on, and yet our school is a different story and I still find myself in tears at times. It is depressing teaching out of our trailers, never seeing other teachers or even some of our students. There is no place to gather daily. I hate being in the HS office. It is crowded and unwelcoming. And this is what we have to work with for the next two years. I guess, in a perfect world, a new school would go up in 7 days and life at school would seem somewhat normal again. As happy as I am for those families receiving help, I wish it was our schools getting a new "home," too.

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