Monday, August 19, 2019

Guilty Pleasures

Gratitude 365 Day 231

The summer is full of guilty pleasures: lazy days, ice cream for no reason, and summer television. The best summer television guilty pleasure is Big Brother. And now I am into American Ninja Warrior. The Mr. thinks I've lost my mind. He might be right, but it wouldn't be summer without those two. I am grateful that the shows extend into the school year, as it feels like I am hanging on to just a bit of summer.

Sunday, August 18, 2019


Gratitude 365  Day 230

I am grateful for Sundays. Today's Sunday activities: Church and listening to the Bug sing a duet with her mom, Ice Cream Social after church, Pizza Hut Lunch with the kids, Grocery shopping, Work at school, and Hanging out with the Mr. I am grateful for really good days.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Catch Up Weekends

Gratitude 365 Day #229

So grateful for weekends to catch up. I used today for sleeping in (catching up on sleep) and working at school. Can I really be behind on classroom work after a day and a half of school? Yes! Yes, I can. (*sigh)  Caught up on laundry and even managed to find time for a little relaxation. Sweet SIL and I had coffee at the new coffee shop that just opened in town.

Weekends are needed at this house.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Birthdays of Childhood

Gratitude 365 Day #228

Today was a big day at the T House. The little Lulu had her first day of All-Day Preschool. She and the Bug are in the same school, so she is with the big kids. She looked so tiny with her backpack hitting her in the back of the knees. So sweet.

 Though you wouldn't know it, she was pretty nervous the night before.
Thankfully, she was ready to go the morning of her first day. was the Bug's 8th Birthday. She's getting so big. Love that sweet girl!

The only thing better than a first day of school is a birthday on the first full day of school. The Bug was in heaven. She had presents at breakfast, rainbow birthday cookies for her class, and dinner with her grandparents.  I'm so grateful that she reminds me how exciting it was to have a birthday in childhood.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Excitement of 1st Days

Gratitude 365 Day #227

Today is the first day of school for the students of the Tiny Town Schools. High School kids play it much cooler, but there is excitement in the halls, shiny faces, and new clothes and hair styles. I love seeing the changes from last spring when last year's sophomores swing by to talk.

Even the teachers feel the excitement and begin the year with energy and enthusiasm.
 English Staff 2019-2020

I am grateful for the excitement of the 1st days, because most of the time we can channel it for the entire year.

E had his first day of Kindergarten on Monday, and he is loving school!

E and Momma are at the same school this year. 

The Bug started second grade today. She loves school, so she was excited. I hope that she loves school this much for the long haul.

I'm hoping that we all have a great day and year!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Gratitude 365  Day #226

We were married 43 years ago tonight. I am grateful for the guy who cooks, scrapes windows, and fills my gas tank. He listens to me talk about school, gives me quiet time for grading, and puts up with me reading for hours at a time. He'll do laundry and clean if needed, and puts up Christmas lights. He is a great Dad and Papa. In fact, tomorrow he is doing day care duty for the Little Lulu whose first day of all-day Pre-School isn't until Friday. He's a pretty good guy. I'll probably keep him.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Gratitude 365  Day #225

Today, I am grateful for flexibility. Now, I wish I was talking about my shoulders, legs, or back. Of course, none of them is very flexible these days.  

I'm talking about people who go with the flow. When things pop up, they adapt. Lately, that has been me. The Bug is still trying to get over her sickness. Her Mom is already back at work, so the Bug has curled up with a blanket on a comfy chair in my room and gorged on Netflix movies. I've continued working on my classroom, and running to the copier or to the office. Her daddy and I shared custody today.

On Thursday, Papa is staying with Little Sis because her daycare is closed. None of us can miss the first day of school, so he is taking a morning off work. After the students leave, the little miss is coming up to school to hang out with me and her big sister. (Of course, this is all provided that she doesn't get sick, too.)

Flexibility is a good thing. It makes life easier. I'm not sure how rigid people make it through their day. Now, if some of that flexibility would make its way into my shoulders, my gratitude would know no end. Ay yi yi!

Monday, August 12, 2019

And so begins another year...

Gratitude 365  Day #224

I am so grateful for an easing into the new school year. Today, our first day back, was filled with required meetings. Our cook made breakfast and lunch for the staff of the district. (And when she puts out a meal for staff, it is presented beautifully with creative table decorations and great food choices.)

Tomorrow is a flex day, meaning that we can put in additional hours prior to school starting and take the day off. OR, we can put in the hours prior to school starting and still come in and work on the flex day. (That would be me. I still have quite a bit to do.)

Wednesday, we have our high school staff meeting in the morning, and Freshman and New Students First Program in the afternoon, which means we run the 7 hour schedule with each class lasting seven minutes. We have just enough time to meet them, give them a bit of information about class, learn a bit about them, and send them on their way.

Thursday, the students arrive. We run a shortened schedule (approximately 30 minutes with each class) with an early release at 1:00 PM.

Friday is our first full day.

As you can see, we get to dip our toes in before taking the plunge. It works for me!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Church Celebrations

Gratitude 365  Day #223

Today was the Blessing of the Backpacks Service at our church. Kids brought their backpacks forward, and then the minister called anyone who worked in the schools to come forward also, and she had the congregation bless all of us and the school year ahead. Pretty sure I wasn't the only teacher who needed that.

I was especially grateful for a number of children who sang "This Little Light of Mine." The children's sermon was about letting the light of God shine through them in the coming school year, and then they each received a flashlight before they treated us to their song. There was a lot of light shining in our church this morning, and it didn't all come from flashlights. (Though there was plenty of that, too.)

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Early Birthday Celebrations

Gratitude 365 Day #222

L and family came from Big City for an early birthday celebration for the Bug. We had lunch together and then a few had naps. We joined the T's for early afternoon presents, and that is when we noticed the Bug fading. There was less talking, and she cuddled up with Papa on the couch under a blanket. She tried to eat a Taco for supper, but when we sang "Happy Birthday" she cried through it.

If you guessed it, her fever was 101. She was crying because she wanted to eat her ice cream cake and couldn't. AND school was starting this week and she didn't want to miss the first day. And she was celebrating her birthday at school on the second day. AND she just felt crummy.

The B's were eager to leave the germs behind, so we all headed home. (Took some ice cream cake for the road. E would have hated missing that. Heck! Nana would have hated missing that, too.)

So the great idea of celebrating early came to a crashing halt. The best thing: at least L and family were there to see the Bug open their gift. (And I'll take any time I can get with my Big City Babes.) I'm grateful that next Friday night, the Mr. and I will celebrate the Bug again. And this time, hopefully no one will be sick. Fingers crossed.