Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas in 2008

This year our family agreed not to buy Christmas gifts for each other. Instead, our gift to each other is to spend time together. The girls wanted to take a trip since the teachers among us all have a two week window until school starts again. We knew we didn't want to fly this year, so that limited destinations a bit. We finally found a package to Nashville. None of us have been there before. The package included tickets to several different Christmas shows and there seems to be quite a bit to do in the area. We will leave before Christmas and get home late on Christmas Eve, so we will still be back in time for a few extended family gatherings. So...no shopping this year--just lots of time with the girls and Mr. E. I can't wait!


CMwhyK said...

That sounds like allot of fun well maybe Nashville isn't my cup of tea hehe but a vacation at least. Our extended family usually buys gifts for families in need instead of for each other(well i don't shop i just send them a check to shop with). This year we are sending a guy home to see his family in South America that he hasn't seen in years instead of buying presents but i still get a present from my dad hehe. oh and i found your blog on alicia's blog.

Matt Weller said...

Nashville is a good time. Nichole and I went there when she was pregnant with Mackenzie. You'll find lots to do, and there is a HUGE mall there, so you girls will be happy. Rick can go have a beer on the strip and wait for you guys!