Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frozen Fashions Round 2

When the temperatures only get to 15 degrees with 10-15 mile per hour wind gusts, covering up is more important than fashion. So, this is what the girls are wearing this year. At least, I think there is a student under there!

I got a kick out of this look. Carhartts over a "cute" coat, which is over a pink hooded sweatshirt. Yep, it was that cold!

Hats with ear flaps have now become fashionable to the well-dressed student.

Boots for rain and snow. This is a necessary fashion accessory.

Yep, you saw it here first: pink carhartts! Adorable. (But I am wondering where her gloves are!)

And the furry hoods they use to hide from the elements. Again, I think that is one of mine!

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A said...

I couldn't imagine! COLD! But I guess it's preparing Seniors for college... Despite the cold, we still had to drag ourselves to class... well sometimes! :)