Friday, March 13, 2009

Nothing Like A Small Town Parade

We're celebrating St. Patrick's day today. A somewhat impromptu parade is thrown together every year for this Irish celebration. (We have Irish roots around here.) All you really need is a marching band, people throwing candy, and a lot of kids on hand.

Crazy head gear is optional.

Put some hay bales on a wagon, add some cute kids and you've got a float. This little guy's sign made me gasp!

Ooh, I forgot to mention the animals that join in the fun. Is it just me, or do none of these pets seem to be enjoying their role much?? (And only in a small town could you leave your coat and books on the sidewalk and expect them to still be there when you come back and collect them later.) Happy early St. Patrick's Day!


Gayle said...

Found you through Shutter Sisters. Great images! That looks like a wonderful, fun parade!

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