Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Night in the Small Town

Prom night 2009. A little different this year, thanks to the tornado. Bleachers were pulled up to a side door of the one school wing left standing. Family, friends, and townspeople gather. You wonder what they are watching?
You know you're in a small town, when crowds like this show up to watch the prom couples entering into our gym/cafeteria/auditorium. (The kids refer to it as the cafagymatorium.) Big schools host their proms in hotels, and this might have been a good year for us to do that, too. However, the tornado left our multipurpose room. (We have found it to be VERY aptly named this year.) Since this is where prom was held in the past, the tradition continued.
We used to have a beautiful circle drive and front hallway for the couples to enter. This year they had to maneuver steps and enter a side hall. However, Dads serve as valet parking and our principal announces couples as they enter. Who needs a big city hotel?
Seeing how the couples arrive for the big night is always fun. There are hot cars, hummers, and limousines.

Farm trucks are plentiful, and one couple showed up in a John Deere tractor. Another arrived in the local police car with the lights blazing.
My favorite this year-- these two lovely ladies were arriving in style. This isn't a motorized wagon. Their dates pulled the wagon for their grand entrance.
Even a tornado can't stop some traditions from continuing. Dressing up and having a memorable night is still a priority. I have a feeling that this will be both a year and a night to remember.


Wendy said...

Oh how I love this post! Your town sounds a lot like mine. School events are very important in our town and the families all participate. It's fun. And the hilarity of a "tractor limousine". You can't beat that. The wagon is sweet, too.

This is exactly why I love "Small Town Snapshot Sunday"!!!

By they way, you didn't add your post to Mr. Linky so I'll do it for you.

Lotus said...

great pics...i like your blog a the way, are you a caffeinoholic? coz there's an active poll on my website about caffeinoholics...mayb u wanna vote...

Vodka Mom said...

I love that!!!!

Gayle said...

This is great!