Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dishing It Up

I have been wanting new dishes for quite awhile. I love the color of fiesta ware and hate the price! (This isn't a great economy to be looking at such a major purchase as dishes are for our household.) Square dishes really appeal to me, but don't fit with our more traditional decorating. I found the best compromise at, of all places, (drum roll please)... Walmart!! These Canopy dishes came in three of my favorite colors: cranberry red, pea pod green, and ivory. (Any shade of red or green does it for me!)
AND to make it even better, the plates are square. They look more traditional than modern, thanks to rounded corners and the rim details. I really like the size of the plates. They aren't gargantuan like my last set of dishes. (These actually fit in the cabinet. My last set didn't fit and had to be stored in our hutch. The dinner plates were the size of small meat platters, I swear.) I will admit that the bowls are a little larger than I'd like, but I absolutely LOVE the mugs and you know how important that is to me!
It is possible to use the colors all together for a place setting or mix and match for another look. The cranberry is warmer and would be great for fall and Christmas. The green is softer and looks summery.
Four place settings in one color sell for around $35. The Mr. bought me 3 sets (12 place settings) for my birthday. I love them! Woo hoo for bargains at Walmart.


Gayle said...

I love them! Oh, boy, I am in a no-spending mode, but I really, really love those! I think I may have to go visit Walmart tomorrow.

Mrs. E said...

Gayle- I was really surprised at the variety of dishes that they had both in store and online! (I'm with you on that no-spending mode. I guess all of America is!)