Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Churches have been on my mind lately. These are churches in the communities of my childhood. This church was the "sister" of my childhood church. It sits in the Mr.'s hometown. The rest of the town may be tired and run down, but the church is strong.
This steeple on a decaying church in another town makes me sad. The church doors have been closed for some time in this town. I know the church isn't about a building, but I found out how important those church buildings are this year when the tornado destroyed three churches in town. The smallest church brought in a prefabricated house and has returned to a new normal. The larger churches are breaking ground and getting ready to rebuild. I've always thought that the church building didn't matter. I was wrong. We've held church in a museum and now in a too-small fellowship hall. I don't know how long rebuilding will take, but I am ready for church to return to a sanctuary. We need a resurrection.