Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teaching Technology Keepers

I love a lot of technology: ipods, cell phones, computers, and the list goes on. However, at the top of the teaching list of technology I can't live without is my Elmo. Not the 'tickle me' kind, but a document projector. Instead of an overhead with transparency, you put the piece of paper or textbook under the camera and it projects the image in much larger form onto a screen so the whole class can see it.
If I had a screen it would be helpful. I'm projecting on a whiteboard this year, since the tornado or a scavenging colleague took my screen. (It was every teacher for him/herself for a while this year.) Elmo was the first thing I rescued when they let us enter the building to remove things after the tornado. Not my books, not my pictures, but my good friend, Elmo! And what was I thinking not grabbing that darn projection screen?!
Some day I'll tell you how much I love my LCD projector, but that is another blog! (Oh, and the LCD needs a screen, too. What was I thinking? Thank goodness for whiteboards!)
PS. Elmo is tucked away in his padded case, ready for summer vacation! And I have a request in for a screen. Hope my principal comes through!


Alicia said...

elmos are the best.... there are only 4 or so at my school, but no one really uses them. we have one, that we were using religiously... until our projector light bulb went out... and of course, no one has any light bulbs or wants to let use the projectors they stash in closets (in case they need it... once in a blue moon).

Mrs. E said...

I can't imagine the teaching conditions in NYC! If you can make it through without losing your temper or your sanity, you are a saint!

M&M said...

I've been told about Elmos, but have never used them. I must give them a shot!

2Thinks said...

Thanks for the education, teach. I had not heard of Elmos before reading this. Blogworld is so wonderful.