Thursday, July 23, 2009


Back-to-school shopping trips. I always loved them. New crayons, glue, scissors, notebooks, and pencils--I'm seeing bins of them at the local stores.

My girls spent hours packing and unpacking their backpacks of school supplies when they were little. They were always so excited to go back to school.

School is just around the corner. Well, it is only a few weeks away. In blog land, some of you just got out and here we are getting ready to head back.

My back-to-school nightmares have already started. (If you're a teacher, I know you understand this!) The other night I dreamed that I opened folders and cupboards and found them full of tornado debris. It was a mess: glass and leaves everywhere. I thought I had cleaned it all up last year and couldn't figure out how I missed this huge mess. At one point, I was using a shovel to get rid of it. I was relieved to wake up.

Even in my nightmares, I am truly a teacher. I am improvising and trying to figure out ways around the problems. One year I dreamed I had lost all my rosters for my classes. I knew the office wouldn't be pleased, so every hour I passed out a piece of paper and had the kids "sign in." Problem solved.

Another year I dreamed hadn't done a thing to get my room ready, so on the first day I put my students to work moving textbooks and making bulletin boards. I made them think it was a "get acquainted" activity. Checked those things off my to-do list.

The funniest nightmare I've ever had was a couple years ago when I dreamed I was teaching math to sophomores by having the students figure bra measurements and cup sizes. (Don't even ask where that came from!) They had measuring tapes and were totally engaged in the lesson (!) when the principal knocked on the door and asked to see me. Shocker. "Mrs. E, do you think there might be any other way to teach these concepts?" Now that was diplomatic of him! I'm not sure what the bigger nightmare was for me--the lesson plan or that I was a math teacher!

Let's hope the back-to-school shopping trip that K, L, and I are taking for 'teacher' clothes doesn't turn out to be a nightmare. It is supposed to be a fun, relaxed day together. I'm hoping for some good sales and small crowds!


margie said...

teacher clothes? hmmm. sweater sets and plaid skirts come to my mid right away. tie up shoes. remember calling them tie up shoes.

Alicia said...

ha ha! I love your dreams! Well maybe not the cleaning up debris one... that's definitely a nightmare... I was thinking about it, and you'll probably spend the rest of your life with tornadoes involved in school dreams. Myself, I may have the random dream with tornadoes involved with school, but it just won't mean the same.

I Love new school supplies too. I actually went and started buying some that was on sale at Staples this week. I'm trying not to get too much until after Aug. 1st so I can turn it in and get refunded...

How fun is it that you and your daughters still get to do back-to-school shopping!! Love it!

Gayle said...

Hahaha! That is too funny!

My kids and I cringe when a back to school commercial comes on. They don't go back until right after Labor Day, so seeing those commercials now is just wrong!

kath said...

It is back to school for me too. I just spent 20 minutes deciding what my next course will be. Of course, I have to get my marks from the last course first to see if I have the "prerequisite". Listen to me!! Writing exams and worried if I have the pre-req!

ols1 said...

Good sales and small crowds - well I have never found they go hand in hand. Whenever their is a sale - it seems to be every man for himself. My daughter loved going back to school - as you said - everything new and she would take delight in naming everything. My son on the other hand - care factor of zero.

glnroz said...

oh myy goodness. There was nothing like the "smell" of first day at school. Freshly cleaned hall. Oil sweep on the hardwood floors (i am old, lol), pencil sawdust and the white paper paste in a jar. Thanks to all you school teachers. You have saved our nation more than once. :)