Saturday, September 26, 2009

Football Saturdays

This was a beautiful Saturday in U town stadium. The fans cheered the U team to a victory. There were lots of people on hand to enjoy the sunny weather and root for the home team.
Of course, K & L were two of my favorite fans. (And both of them were sporting pink noses by the end of the game.)
As if the huge crowd wasn't enough, it was Band Day. This was the half-time show. All those high school bands crowded onto the field to play some patriotic numbers. Their traditional closing number is a rendition of the "1812 Overture," complete with cannon fire.
Along with being Band Day, it was Military Appreciation Day. Besides a couple of tanks, there was a lot of camouflage in the stands, and they supplied the half-time cannon fire. Of course, my favorite part of the day-- the tailgating before the game.
CT grilled kabobs with elk meat and bacon wrapped dove and jalapenos. (L brought her own hot dogs. She isn't much for nontraditional meat!) I'll let CT do the cooking at the tailgate any time! He is a good cook, and I've tried a couple of delicious things I've never eaten before.
There is always a lot to eat, but the best part of tailgating is the atmosphere. There are washer toss games, wanna be quarterbacks practicing their spirals, and radios blaring the pregame show. Today, a little girl at the next tailgate over was celebrating her 8th birthday. She and a friend stopped by to snitch a few candy corn and tell us about her love of horses. The tailgate fans are always friendly.

Give me an awning for shade, a comfy lawn chair, and time with the family. There is only one down side to tailgate Saturdays:
Port-a-pottys!! (Give me a regular restroom any day!) Thankfully, early in the day they are still in good shape. And I'm always grateful for the hand sanitizer dispensers! And that is a Football Saturday in my books. (The Mr. will notice that there are no pictures of the team or the game. Oh yeah, there was a game?? I guess I'll get pictures of his favorite part of the day next time!)


2Thinks said...

We saw a lot of tailgating at the University we took Fash to today. In fact, that particular University just passed a new rule for tailgating, as it was getting out of hand- only 6 beers per person and this upset a lot of students at this particular University. Which worries me. 6 beers? I mean come on. I would be dead under the table if I drank 3 beers in a one to two hour time period before a football game in a parking lot.

Where I went to school, beer was not allowed on campus and that included in the football stadium, so this is very weird for me.

Anyway, your grilling there looks yummy. Dove? As in the birds? The only Dove I eat is chocolate wrapped in foil with a message on the inside. I suppose it could taste like chicken. Everyone looks very relaxed.

Thanks for being my faithful commenter. I'm getting behind in writing anything worthwhile, b/c I am always running in so many directions, 90 miles/hour w/no blog opportunities attached. *sigh*

elk said...

fun day and i can smell the kabobs from here...

Gayle said...

That is a huge crowd! Dove? And, I love that you took a picture in the port-a-potty!

puna said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day! Who needs the game when there is so much action out of the field? How fun!