Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out of the Mouths of My Babes

You know it is going to be a long week when you need a nap at 4:00 on Monday afternoon. The rain, the cool temperatures, and the need to hibernate are all catching me at the same time! (Was I a bear in another life? No comment on that Mr.!)

I love my classes this year. We are off to such a good start. These kids are actually pretty funny and fun. I have to share an "I Believe" or two with you. Out of the mouths of sophomores:

  • I believe parents should discipline their children--and chloroform is always an option. (??!)
  • I believe breaking up with someone by text is pathetic and cowardly. (You think?)
  • I believe you should always make the right decisions, even if no one is watching.
  • I believe kitty litter tastes bad. (?)
  • I believe cussing is very unattractive. (Wish she would tell her classmates!)
  • I believe that no matter how much you deny it, your parents are right most of the time.
  • I believe that goodbyes suck. (Not eloquent--but he does have a point.)
  • I believe Walmart shouldn't put bread next to dog food or toothpaste next to deodorant. (Future business leader?)
  • I believe a mud hole and a four wheeler go together like ketchup and french fries.
  • I believe our soldiers are more important than the President who sent them to fight.
  • I believe we grow up way too fast, and it is OK to still be a kid.
  • I believe chocolate is a girl's best friend, until we start gaining weight.
  • I believe my mom is way too strict, gets way too uptight, but loves me more than anything. And I love and need her, too.
  • I believe God is big enough to handle whatever I can't.
  • I believe I'm just a kid with a bright future and the whole world ahead of me.

This is just a random sampling. After reading their papers, I don't worry about the future. The world will be in good hands someday. (OK. So maybe the guy who wants to chloroform children is a concern!!)


Christina said...

i can't even walk down the dog food aisle, let alone would i buy bread next to it. lol my poor poochie, hubby has to get his food! lmao. And friend, you are correct, parents are right! xo
i love this list!!

Mrs. E said...

These aren't mine, Christina--they are my students. I pulled out a few from different student papers to share.

Alicia said...

So happy you shared some I believes from your students!! I remember doing that assignment and often think back to it! It was such a powerful assignment, definitely one of my favorite writing pieces ever!! I've thought about doing something like this with my 5th graders, and I think this year, towards the end of the school year, I might go ahead and do it.

I can see that you touched your students in some of the same ways you did me... High schoolers know everything (they think) and through this assignment, you inspire teenagers to be honest with themselves and take a true look at the people in their lives and the world around them.

2Thinks said...

This is a great assignment. I think I should give it to Fash. What is the exact assignment? Just list them? Or expound?

I do have an urge to run out for some French fries right now.

I'm still thinking about what it is to chloroform a kid.

You're a great teacher!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to worry about me, I'm not crazy haha, even though I still agree with my decision of chloroform.. my sister really gave me the idea with her ranting and raving running around and screaming all the time. I credit those kind of things to her

Gayle said...

Oh, mrs. e, these are priceless! The one about kitty litter tasting bad is hilarious! I have to get my daughter to read these.

Puna said...

I love this mrs. e. This was so cute, so poignant, so rip roaring funny. Thanks for that lift, I needed it.