Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Blessings

I have always loved fall. Vivid colors are a delight.
The cool days and sunshine are my kind of weather.
Even the rainy days give time for reflection.
You can't beat fall holidays with costumes and candy!
Behold the great pumpkin:
Cinderella's carriage
Jack O'Lanterns
Pie, Breads, Bars
and a new favorite-
Pumpkin Blizzards!
This ad not paid for by DQ.


Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful fall collection!

elk said...

Mrs E these images are really a stunning peek into the colors of fall ~well captured!

Christina said...

love these. so glad your feeling betta! me too! dude, we so have to go to dairy queen together! i love it there.

Gayle said...

What a beautiful, colorful post!

Dandy said...

You did not just say pumpkin blizzards. Why do you do this to me? Please send some cool air this way.

ch said...

MMMMMMMMMM...whitney and i share your adoration for the pumpkin of our favorites markers of the autumn/holiday season...they are our nemesis.

joyce said...

Ha ha...I loved the pictures, but laughed at the last one. Actually, I had always kind of wondered if your guys had Dairy Queens in the States. Apparantly you do. My favourite is the strawberry cheesequake, the banana cream pie, the turtle...I could go on & on, but I haven't tried the pumpkin one.

2Thinks said...

AAAauuuuggghhh! Just posted a comment, but forgot to type the word verification thingy. I think it evaporated then.

Very vivid colors here, love the leaves and pumpkin and reflection. Nice.

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Such cool, different pics. I love your take on Fall, Now With More Rain! because that's what we seem to be having!