Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Time for the treats! Time for the winners!!

The first Blogaversary contest was easy. I numbered the comments in the order that they appeared. The Mr. drew the number 4, so that makes Gayle at Planet M the winner! How ironic is it that Gayle also happens to be my very first blogland friend?!

Gayle is the mother of three kids who are Middle School through High School age, and she is a crochet whiz. I am sending her a framed copy of one of my favorite photographs, and a copy of a book that I hope she likes. This book, actually this series, reminds me a bit of Gayle. I'm hoping that it is a new book for her. If not, she will have to pass it on. And that's all I'm saying... she'll just have to be surprised.

The Blogaversary essay contest was a little (OK, a lot!) more difficult. I didn't even want to choose a winner. In my class I would have given all A's. Even those that didn't follow directions were wonderful. (I even have an idea for a new writing assignment.) After much thought and gnashing of teeth I finally chose...

drum roll please...

Katie at Can't Get There

Katie is also getting a framed favorite photograph. I chose a nonfiction book for Katie that I read a few years ago when the high school librarian recommended it. I couldn't think of a better book to sum up the people of Tiny Town and the Midwest. It isn't about my town, but it could have been. After the tornado, our town has been blessed by the kindness of strangers. This book, set in a different era, shows me that what we have experienced is nothing new; this has been going on in the Midwest for years. And that's all I'm saying...

Gayle and Katie, please send me your address on email, so I can send your prizes. My email is on my profile.

Thanks to all of you who check in on Easy Street from time to time. Thanks for your comments; those posted and those delivered in person. You've given me a place to vent, share, complain, cry, and laugh--sometimes all at the same time! I am humbled that some of you are so faithful. I thank you for sharing my life on Easy Street.


2Thinks said...

Congrats to Gayle and Katie! I know the books will be perfect for each, because I'm convinced that Mrs. E. knows- just knows- that's all I'm saying. :)

I'm old faithful, I usually check here first. Let me know how that new assignment rolls with your students. In fact, post the best one that gets turned in (with permission, of course).

puna said...

Congratulations ladies! I loved Katie's list. I'd love to know what the books are a what you thought of them?

Gayle said...

I'm so excited! Thank you mrs. e, and thank you to the mr. for picking my name! I'm so curious about what book it might be!

Congratulations to Katie!