Monday, October 19, 2009

One Year--Time Flies

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog. I wasn't sure what the focus of the blog was going to be a year ago, and now I know that lack of focus is the focus on Easy Street. Looking back on the past year, this blog has been mainly about:

the family and homelife
school and teaching
surviving the tornado that wiped out 65% of our town
books, movies, modern culture
day to day life in the Midwest

Some people have blogs that focus on one thing: their faith, cooking, motherhood, frugality, photography, etc. I think the lack of focus on this blog is symbolic of my undiagnosed ADHD. I can hardly keep my conversation on the same subject, let alone my writing. (For those who know me: if you think I talk fast, I wish you could see how quickly my mind jumps from subject to subject. It scares me!)

What should I do to celebrate my "blog-aversary" day? I came up with the following options:

1. Take a week off from blogging and give you all a break from the mundane. (Nah!)

2. Host a give-away. (Very popular in the blog world--and it might bring out some of the lurkyloos) But what to give?

a book, a poem, a photograph, some clutter I want to get rid of??

3. Make all of you sophomores for a day and give you an assignment.

So, I decided on a combination blog-aversary celebration. That gives you two chances (count 'em folks!) to win.

Chance #1-
Post a comment on today's post. That's it. One comment--only one. (There aren't that many of you out there, so that ups your odds considerably.) You don't have to be a blogger to post a comment. You have until Friday, Oct. 23rd to comment, but remember your comment has to be on today's post. Your comments will be numbered in the order they appear, the Mr. will draw a number, and that commenter will win a gift. (Commenter will have to be willing to send me an email with a mailing address.)

Chance #2-
This is a creative writing assignment that I give to my sophomores. You will have to stop by my blog tomorrow for the particulars. It will require writing and posting your assignment. I am going to try Mr. Linky so you can link your posts. Having never done this before, I hope it is easy to use. You will have until Sunday Oct. 25th to post your "homework." (If I can't get Mr. Linky working, we will go to Plan B.) Anyway, stop in tomorrow for the background on this assignment and what is required. I guarantee it will be one of the easiest writing assignments you have ever had. Then I will be stopping by to "grade" your assignments. I am going to be choosing one winner in this writing contest. (Why do I set myself up for the impossible?)

The Gifts-
Winners will receive photography and writings--my favorites! Yes, it is still my world and you're just living in it. (Not really, but the Mr. gives me static about that once in awhile. I've worked hard to earn my title, "The Little Princess" or "LP" for short. Unfortunately, the Mr. brings me back to my position of "commoner" once in awhile.)

The Kicker-
I will be gone next weekend: Girls Weekend at the Lake with High School Friends. (I am loving that random capitalization!) Winners and the prizes they receive will not be posted until Halloween Day. No tricks, only treats!

It has been a fun year. I like the people I have met in the blogging world. Blogging has challenged me to write daily, or nearly daily. I have also dusted off the camera and used it for something other than holidays and special events; something I haven't done in years. I've only had one controversial post: the dead deer. (I think I heard from a PETA person!) Amazingly, that has been my only negative comment, too. The rest of you may think it, but are too kind to write it!

Thank you for joining me on Easy Street. You've reminded me why I named the blog this to begin with:

Do we really live on Easy Street? In this economy, does anyone? A year ago last summer our town, school, and church were destroyed by a tornado. A little over three years ago, at age 48, I had a stroke. No, life isn't Easy, but the companions who travel this street--this road with me, make life seem that way. We've had our share of bumps and potholes. In spite of it all, I've always had people to hold my hand and make me laugh. Most of the time I feel like the sun is shining down on me--and that it has been most of my life. Easy Street--maybe it's an attitude. At any rate, it's my street.


ols1 said...

Congratulations on 100 posts. You do write so regularly - you put me to shame. You have overcome some big hurdles that is for sure, but your blessings also seem big. God bless - here's to the next 100 :)

lawyerjourno said...

why the title 'easy street'!!

puna said...

Wow mrs. e! Congratulations over and over again! I really enjoyed reading this today. I love the unfocused theme...I'm with you. I want to win I do, but that writing assignment? I'll have to see what it is first:)

Gayle said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!!! I'm so glad to know you here in blogland and I always look forward to your posts!

2Thinks said...

Happy Blogversary to yoooou, happy Blogversary to yooooou, happy Blogversary- we love you, happy Blogversary to yooooouu!!!

I was hoping it would be an assignment- yes! I can't wait.

Dead deer fill freezers and make tasty spaghetti and MEATBALLS, keep the deer population under control, so we don't have diseased herds congregating on our front,suburban lawns and give our husbands, sons and daughters a wonderful outdoor experience. All good.

Keep them ever lovin' feet moving down Easy Street where the Sun will Always Come out Tomorrow! (Did I mention Fash is Lily St. Regis in Annie this year?) *wink*

Celebrate! Nine weeks down and Christmas is coming....

S. Etole said...

So glad I took this road today.

Anonymous said...

BUT I DON'T LIKE home Mrs. E!!!!!!! Maybe my Niece Lesley could write it for me!!!
I DO LOVE reading your BLOG though!!!

Katie in MA said...

Happy Blogiversary to you! So happy I found your blog. :) I am having so much fun reading about your world. Can't wait to see the assignment!

Alicia said...

Wow! I can't believe it's been a year!!! Amazing!! Can't wait to see what the homework assignment is! Love how fitting it is... being an English teacher... Never thought I'd get another assignment... Hopefully it's one I can write on :)

I have truly enjoyed your blog!!

Brandi said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I really enjoy reading your daily posts. It is fun to "peek" into the world of others, and view the world from their perspective. I don't have nearly as interesting posts, but maybe someday I will get there! Right now, it will just have to be about the kiddos and their travels! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cousin CE! Love you! Love your street!

Sarah Ann said...

Wow. A year has gone by so fast. Every evening after I tuck in my kids *9 and 4* i get a little ME TIME. I always make sure to see if you have blogged that day. Even sharing some stuff with my husband. *your recolection of the tornado was amazing*

HOMEWORK assignment.... lol Cant wait to see what it is. BEEN A LONG TIME since i have had one of them :)

Sarah in Edmonton Alberta Canada

joyce said... year! I always enjoy your blog, get a chuckle, and am amazed at your bond with your students. (Teenagers make my shyness come to the extreme & I am always tongue-tied when my boys bring friends over)

A writing assignment...can't wait!!!