Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am grateful for students who work to get involved in the activities of the school.

Homecoming week is in full swing. Each class has been building floats for the parade tomorrow. It has also been spirit week. Watching the students enjoying themselves has been great fun. The excitement to join the hilarity seems to have grown day by day.

Monday was crazy day. There were some strange outfits. (The gentleman in the middle didn't really participate, but he just had to get in on the pictures.) I'm sure the construction guys have been amused when the students walk between classes. Besides crazy colors, a couple of guys had their jeans on backward. I hate to think of how uncomfortable that was!
Most kids figure out an outfit that involves comfortable shoes. However, there were a couple of tutu girls, who opted for heels instead. I have no idea how they survive walking the blocks between classes!
Tuesday was toga day. There were a lot of bedsheets around--and very few of them were white. I saw a flannel dinosaur sheet, some black and white striped, and a Hello Kitty. I'm not sure what the Romans would have thought!
These 1st hour girls were happy to pose for a picture. (Some of the togas were off as soon as they got to P.E. They said they were too hard to put on again. I think a lot of Moms had to help put them on before school.)
This guy was the sophomore winner of the day. He was still in Julius Caesar gear 7th hour.
Wednesday was celebrity day. Betty Boop and Audrey Hepburn stopped by to see me. (This Audrey is a huge Hepburn fan.) We had Snow White, Hello Kitty, the Cat in the Hat, Larry the Cable Guy, several Miley Cyrus and Brittney Spears, and even a couple of students dressed as our principals. (I guess the principals are local celebrities!)
7th Hour, Gene Simmons of Kiss and the Energizer Bunny showed up for class. Kids are very creative. I was always lousy at Halloween costumes, let alone a different costume every day for a week!
Last year this week went by practically unnoticed. Trailer school was all too new and overwhelming, or we were all too numb--I'm not sure which. This year, it is obvious that we are adjusting and back in the swing.
We may not be winning a lot of games this fall, but you'd never know it by the laughter and joy of this week. School spirit is evident. What a difference a year makes!
Long live teenage enthusiasm! (And help me to remember that when they are driving me crazy!)


Gayle said...

Those are some very creative kids! And, oh my gosh, Betty Boop, Audrey Hepburn and Julius Caesar are so cute!

Dandy said...

My favorite is the energizer bunny!

I have such fond memories from high school.

I gave you an award on my blog today!

Elle Bee said...

Those kids are very creative! And good sports too! Very fun.

Christina said...

Now this is cool! I do love the knee socks, in the first shot though. Those socks would make it just past my ankles. lmao

Puna said...

What a fun school you have. They seem to weather adversity well where you are! I loved dress up day at my school.