Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Midweek Joys

These are some of the things that are making life nice right now:

*A super warm, oversized, black cardigan that I pull on every night to keep toasty warm.

*One of those programmable thermostats that will automatically drop the temperature when we're at work or during the night. For under $50, it has saved us a lot of money!

*Dandy over at Spontaneous Clapping is sending me a Sarah McLachlan Christmas CD. I'm quite excited. Thanks, Dandy! (By the way, she has been posting cookie recipes that are to die for! Drop in and skim through her past posts if you're looking for some new holiday favorites!)

*Two principals who walked around to every classroom at trailer high delivering the fruit that came from our Board of Education for American Education Week. It was thoughtful of our BOE to send it, but our faculty doesn't really have a community workroom or gathering place right now. In this cold weather, most opted not to walk the block or so to enjoy the fruit; so our principals pulled on gloves and stocking caps and made the rounds of the classrooms, scooping out small plates of melon, strawberries, and pineapple. Pretty awesome bosses--even if I am old enough to be their mother!

The holiday spirit is alive and well in Tiny Tornado Town and Trailer High.


Gayle said...

mrs. e, this is a great reminder that small kindnesses can make a world of difference!

puna said...

Have a joyful mid-week Mrs. E.

joyce said...

You're right..that' great of the principals, rather than just saying hey kids, there's fruit at the office if you want it.

ols1 said...

I can relate to the oversized cardigan - mine is my favourite winter item when I am at home. Hope you are having a good week.