Monday, November 9, 2009

Rebuilding- A Celebration in Progress

Rebuilding a school takes time. Our noses have been pressed against the construction crew's fences for the last couple of months. There hasn't been a lot to see--mainly building materials and dirt.
But then last week, the cement trucks came rolling into Tiny Town. A lot of cement trucks. The teachers weren't jumping up and down-- but close!

This is one wing of our new high school. It doesn't look like much. But looking out from a trailer classroom--the view is nothing short of spectacular! I wonder if those workmen know that they are laying down the ground floor of all of our hopes?


Gayle said...

How wonderful that you are beginning to see work being done!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the blog comments! I just read through your posts about the tornado - what a tragedy - but so good to see progress now I am sure. I am a tornado wimp. Used to live in Tulsa, OK and have husbands family in Wichita. Nothing like driving back and forth through tornado alley in the summer. I have to tell you, you look so much like my college roommate (whom I dearly love) it is scary. Take it as a compliment!

:: elk :: said...

i know you must be so excited and thankful!! Love your sophomore comments in the other post too...I can relate!

Christina said...

this has to be so exciting. i was always a day dreamer, when i sat near the window, at school. i would be in real trouble, with this fun going on.