Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I woke up this morning to frosted window panes! (Kinda makes you feel like singing, doesn't it?) The sun was also shining. So I open the door and wowsa!! We have 5 degrees and a windchill of -12. It is cold!I had the front walk and steps cleaned off last night. We got at least two more inches of snow overnight. My guess is that we have about 10 or 11 inches on the ground. With the wind stirring it around, we also have drifts.
I looked out the back door and saw a bunch of little birds all gathered in one mass of trees. If you click on the picture below to enlarge it, you will see several little friends looking for a wind break, I guess.
I may be out of school for another day, but the Mr. had to be at work. You can see his tracks in the snow. Seems that getting the truck out was about as challenging as getting it up the hill last night, though it only took one try.
He called from work and said Interstate was snow and ice packed. He was wondering how we could possibly have school tomorrow with an expected high of 12 today and more wind and drifting expected. When the major highways aren't cleared off, you can imagine what the country roads are like!
So another snow day here in Tiny Town. I'm sure the Trailer High students are terrible depressed about that. Yeah right!


2Thinks said...

Ooooh, I love your wreath header! I have missed reading your blog so very much. Wow! on the snow news...I guess we got it comin' today about 1:00 pm- the grocery store was jam packed w/people stockpiling groceries in anticipation of "The Storm". Enjoy your second snow day in a row!! You lucky gal.
Much love-

Gayle said...

Those birds are so cute! Stay warm!