Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas To Remember

This has been a different Christmas than we anticipated. The snow kept us home from our trip.

L was sick. In fact, she didn't get to feeling better until yesterday. To top it off, on the day after Christmas she got the news that a colleague had died unexpectedly from unknown causes. He was a year younger than L, fairly recently married, and taught 2nd grade. L was in shock and so sad for his wife, his parents, and his students. I can't imagine going back to school after break and having to help the kids and staff deal with the death of a beloved teacher.

In spite of everything, our family had a good time just being together. The kids did most of the cooking: breakfast pizza, sloppy joes, shrimp, and chicken fried steak. (Sometimes it felt like all I did was eat!) We played a lot of games, watched movies, and walked the dog. The Mr. and I had a chance to get to know the boys better. Unfortunately, the boys had to put up with this crazy crowd, too.

When L was so sick, I was glad we couldn't make it to our vacation destination. She would have been miserable. Sometimes things just work out the way they are supposed to. I need to remember that.

What will I remember about this Christmas?

*snow drifts
*not getting to take our trip
*the phone call saying they'd refund our deposit
*shoveling snow
*being so glad when the kids arrived safely on Christmas Day
*Skipbo games- and the girls finally beating the guys-twice!
*the dog's penchant for a little stuffed bear from under the tree
*Rum slush and breakfast pizza- not necessarily together!
*being walked by the dog
*using the hand paraffin spa
*CT snoring and CG using the dog to poke him
*call for your partner pitch--when L was too sick to play
*habanero hot sauce--CG and CT put it on everything--even pringles!
*Bejeweled and Cube Crusher games on 3 laptops at the same time

I could do Christmas this way every year!


Puna said...

I've enjoyed your Christmas recaps this morning mrs. e. I'm sorry about your trip. It does seem that you were surrounded by those you love the most and that is a wonderful Christmas!

kath said...

Isn't it the best when it's all about the hanging out together? Our holidays have been like that the last few years and I just love it.
Merry merry to you & yours

Katie in MA said...

It sounds so much like my vacation back home. I bet you had a BLAST! (And thanks for sending some snow my way!! We got FOUR INCHES and it felt like a relative blizzard here in Tejas!)

gayle said...

I love your Christmas memories list! I'm glad L is feeling better.

Debbie said...

I like what you said about being happier if you dont watch the news. People say I bury my head in the sand by not watching the news or reading the paper. I am happy living in my own little la la land. Hope you had a great Christmas and all the best for a happy and healthy 2010.