Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st

I spent most of the last night of November in a cellular phone store. After almost two hours in the store, I spent the next chunk of my evening trying to figure out how to use the phone. I figure by the time my contract is up, I ought to have it mastered. How hard can it be to change a ring tone or even put the thing on silence? *sigh* It is going to be a long week.

Where did November go? Tiny Town is in December mode. The Christmas decorations are making their annual appearance. We even decked our deck at Trailer School. There is something so cheery about greenery and red bows.

My first Christmas party is tonight! Let the hectic whirl of this season begin...!
December is...
fields of snow and mistletoe
frosty panes and candy canes
Santa jolly and sprigs of holly
wreaths of green and manger scenes
snow drifts white, a star so bright
You get the drift...the sophomores are writing rhyming metaphors for December today. (They have to do an opener every day. This is the one for Dec. 1st.) I'm sure they will be just thrilled.


margieandkath said...

i love when you give an assignment. please post the best ones for us to read.

Dandy said...

I've had my phone forever because I don't want to deal with that:) I just sent out your package today! I'm SO sorry it took so long. I lag. I don't normally but I'll make it up to you!

marinik said...

i guess it is kinda the happy time of the year... now if only it wasn't as hectic too, too much traffic... way too many people in the stores...etc etc... have fun at the party tonight :)

Gayle said...

Good luck with the phone. I always try to stick with the same brand (LG) when I get a new one. That brand is pretty intuitive for me!

I'm the first one on my street with Christmas lights put up. Where's the Christmas spirit in my town?!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

...pies to bake and crafts to make,
snowflakes falling, carolers calling.

What? That wasn't a homework assignment? :)

Puna said...

Boy you are tough!

Okay here I go...

December is...
A wonderful way...to celebrate the husband's birthday.
A beautiful year's end...a reminder to call a friend.
A busy time...no free time is a crime.

Never mind, I tried:)