Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Day

I got the call last night at around 10: "No school tomorrow." Music to my ears.

I love snow days. I especially love snow days when I get the call the night before.

The plan for today? Christmas music, Christmas movies, cookie baking, and...well, I did bring some papers home to grade. I should have left them at school so they wouldn't be taunting me from my bag. Maybe I should grade first and get them out of the way!

They are predicting more snow today. We've got our own "Winter Wonderland" happening.

Nothing says Christmas quite like snow!


margieandkath said...

find me one person who doesn't love a snow day. except maybe the guys who drive the plows.

Gayle said...

Some parents complain about snow days, but I love them! We are supposed to get a snow/ice/rain mix during the night tonight. I'm expecting a two hour delay tomorrow. I don't love two hour delays. The school bus won't travel on our road when it's a delay day, so that means driving my kids to school. Have fun today!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

And nothing says you love your readers like sending snow their way! (Hey, a girl has to try, doesn't she?)

Glad you're enjoying your day! It sounds lovely.

puna said...

The teachers are just as excited as the kids on a snow day aren't they! Enjoy your day of relaxation.