Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poetic Justice

Yesterday, K, L, and I met for lunch and a movie.  ("Leap Year")  We girls had a chick flick afternoon.  I left the two of them to return to Tiny Town, while K did some shopping and L returned to her home.

Back in Tiny Town, the pastor and his wife were having an Open House at the parsonage of our church.  The original parsonage was destroyed by the tornado, and this new home is just a year old.  It is a source of joy to our whole congregation.  We don't have a church yet, but we do have a beautiful new parsonage.

I decided to stop by the Open House before going home so I wouldn't have to get out in the cold again later.  I parked, left my cell phone in the car, and enjoyed catching up with some church people for about an hour. 

When I got back to the car, I had missed seven (7!) calls on my cell phone.  Looking over the list, all but one was from K and L. 

I had two voice mails of "Mom, where are you?  I'm worried."  Then when I got home, I discovered seven (7!) more messages from those two on the answering machine!  Good grief.

I called L.  She said K had called her and was freaking her out about my not answering my phone.  Then K told me she was worried because it was so cold, and she was afraid something had happened to me. 

Turns out they had both made worried calls to the Mr. at the RV show.  He told them to quit worrying, he was pretty sure I had stopped at the Open House.  When I talked to him later, he was chuckling a bit. 

You see, I can't tell you how many times those two haven't answered their phones and left us worrying.  It happened when they were in high school, college, and even post-college.  And oh-how-silly we were to be worrying.  "Didn't we know they were OK?!"

So yesterday, we had unintentional paybacks.  Isn't life grand?


Anonymous said...

Isn't PAYBACK WONDERFUL??????? We go through the same thing with!!

Debbie said...

Payback - it is a wonderful thing. I can finally nominate you for an award as I received one today and had to forward it on to others who inspire me. You are always so positive on my blogs and I just love reading all about your life. You deserve this blog award - you are truly inspirational.

puna said...

It's sweet that they were worried about you. But yes, sweet poetic justic too!