Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Return to Chaos

Well, the first day back was...abominable interesting!  Here's the run down:

*Freezing cold.  Frozen students. 

*Every hour, some student felt the need to hold the trailer door open.  A long time.  They were checking how to spell my name (it's on the door), continuing a conversation with someone in another class, or being polite and waiting on the next 15 people to arrive and enter.  Brrrr...  "Please close the darn door!"  (I said please!)

*My school laptop is just about to get pitched out the window!  It flips on and off the network so often that it doesn't have time to synchronize my files, which it has to do every time it returns to the network.  I couldn't access any of my files for longer than about two seconds.  I didn't cry, but I did warn my principal that I was on the brink.  He's finding me another laptop.  I don't think he wants to see a middle aged woman cry.

*Class schedule changes are a nightmare.  Combinations of students are bad.  I'm working on seating charts!  (Of course, I have to do those at home because my school computer doesn't work!! argh!)   *sigh* 

*This week is the game against the big rivals.  That means a pep rally.  Oh please.  Our students are excited already.  I don't care how frozen they are, these kids are hyped!  Let's not add to it.  (OK.  I guess I can let this slide, but it better be a GOOD pep rally!) 

*The weather forecast for the rest of the week is C.O.L.D. and snow.  They predict high winds too, so make that blowing snow.  It just gets better and better.

This has all the makings of a really long week.  What am I talking about?!  If the first day back is any indication, this could be a really long semester.  I'm beginning to understand teachers with drinking problems!  (I'm kidding.  I think.) 


Lisa said...

School starts today for us. We had a workday yesterday, which I love, but no internet in the morning. Hard to get anything done! My semester classes start new kids today. It is always a transition.

Lisa said...

I feel your pain!. We had no internet yesterday morning (workday which is great). It was hard to get anything done. Thank goodness the afternoon was better. All new students this morning as I have semester classes. We were chilly with the doors closed. I can't imagine your situation.

Shannon said...

Got any of the rum punch left? Might come in handy! It is frigidly cold here too. Girls go back to school tomorrow and I think it is time. So sick of the weather though and it is just starting methinks. Let's go to Hawaii!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

I hope the rest of the week is better. Wait. Is it only Tuesday still? Grr. I won't complain, though - at least I have heat!

What are the kids reading this semester? Anything warm and tropical you can focus on first?

Alicia said...

I'm wishing warm thoughts your way!! You sound like you need a beach (or at least somewhere warmer) vacation... Who am I kidding... You'd be happy with real halls :) Hope those little friends calm down for you soon!

Gayle said...

I got chilly just reading this! I hope that warmer, dryer air heads your way soon. That's not likely, though, is it? Sigh. How long 'til spring?