Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Two Monday Post

Alicia and I are on week 10 of our Metropolitan Magic and Country Charm photo post. Since Alicia is back in NYC and her life has returned to her NYC normal, we are on time again this week. This project has been so much fun. It pushes me to get out with my camera every week. I like that!

Now Alicia might be back on schedule, but Baxter has made mince meat of our schedule. He loves chewing computer cords, so reading blogs and posting have been a challenge. His sleeping habits had the Mr. and me going without sleep a couple of nights. (We try to alternate!) We are on Day #10 of the new puppy, and he is finally figuring it out! He has been going to bed, waking only once, and going straight back to bed. We've had a lot less whimpering during the first 10 minutes of bed/kennel time. We've had very few accidents. In fact, Baxter has even whimpered at the door to be let out once or twice. We are thinking of investing in a bell for his collar as he is quick and quiet in his roaming of the house.
Yesterday, Baxter went down to meet the Mr.'s mom. Oh, she loved the Mr. B. and Mr. B loved her, too. He sat right at her feet and didn't budge most of the time we were there. Since Grandma is on oxygen 24/7, keeping Baxter away from her oxygen line was our only concern. We needn't have worried. Those two took to each other just fine. I think it was just the perk the MIL needed on a lonely Sunday afternoon.

This is the last week before spring break. Any high school student, any secondary teacher can tell you that this is one of the longest weeks of the year. (It is right up there with the week before Christmas and the week before summer vacation.) Wish us luck! Better yet, let's hope this week goes more quickly than I think it will!


Puna said...'s just like having a new baby. What an adorable puppy. Dogs are good for everyone! So glad your mother in law loves him.

margie said...

so sweet. march break, even parents look forward to it. at least i did. the kids needed the week off, we needed a break from routine. enjoy it.

Gayle said...

Awww, puppies are great at taking away the lonely feeling.

I love your new banner image!

Mary said...

Agree with the longest week statement! One day down, 4 to go! The puppy is adorable!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Awwww...puppy cuddles are the best! Now quit weakening my resolve! :)