Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday List

Last year, someone challenged me to create a list on my birthday.  I created my list last year in about an hour on the evening of my birthday.  It was a rush job.  This year, I gave it a bit more thought and so here goes:
53 Things To Do Before I'm 54
1. Run a 5K
2. Update my wardrobe with skirts, dresses, and pants outfits (I’m not sure jeans and boots are going to work in the new school!)
3. Work a part-time job again this summer
4. Visit an out of state winery
5. Plan a longer bike ride trip (over 25 miles)
6. Snow ski again
7. Add some new vegetables to our garden
8. Plant some perennials (bulbs, peony bushes)
9. Try a new photo project
10. Ride in a hot air balloon
11. Attempt something that scares me
12. Teach in a school building again
13. Clean and organize the front hall closet
14. Paint the laundry room
15. Learn to cook one great dinner menu
16. Write my resume
17. Sew- actually make something instead of just repairing
18. Find a comfortable pair of heels
19. Empty and organize the garage
20. Get a Schwinn
21. Update the home games collection (checkers, skipbo, etc.)
22. Take a trip
23. Visit a few of the local sites I’ve never seen (Sunday trips?)
24. Sell some household things to weed out a bit more
25. Plan a no-spend month
26. Ride a horse (it has been years)
27. Swim
28. Visit a Civil War ground, Presidential Library, or some other historic site
29. Buy the Mr. a piece of cast iron cookware
30. Try to borrow a French horn to play again
31. Eat something I’ve never tried before
32. Paint the house
33. Take a class and learn something new
34. Wash the windows
35. Visit the local library more often
36. Wear sunscreen every day
37. Fix up the patio
38. Pick gooseberries for the first time in 30+ years
39. Make a gooseberry pie, for that matter—make any pie
40. Watch one classic movie a month
41. Take a photography trip
42. Buy a memory chip for my blackberry
43. Drink a martini (never tasted one)
44. Carve something into a tree
45. Eat more fish
46. Visit an arboretum
47. Buy a basket for my bike
48. Make jogging a regular part of my routine again
49. Clean through the basement storage area
50. Learn to make cakes from scratch
51. Empty the closets of the girls old clothes
52. Write for something besides blog world
53. Teach Baxter some tricks and basic obedience commands

I'm taking cake to my classes today.  A few years ago I might not have celebrated being another year older.  Since the stroke, every year is a year to celebrate!


Mary said...

Happy Birthday! That's quite a list!

Anonymous said...

Hey...you can strike off quite a few of those "to do" items by just comming out to visit me! I think I counted 14 of them...16 if you count washing MY windows and cleaning out MY basement storage area!! Hummmmmmmmmm...
Happy Birthday my CrAzY CoUsIn!! LoVe YoU!!

2Thinks said...

Haven't made the list you challenged me to make on my birthday. I don't have the attention span for 47 things. But baking cakes from scratch resonates with me. I'm learning to bake gluten-free bread from scratch. Baked another one this morning.

I was also just thinking of buying a basket for my bike. I'd also like to write something other than on my blog, but you have a better chance at getting that done- you actually write on your blog! Wish I could find more time for it.

Great list!

Alicia said...

41. Take a photography trip (TO NEW YORK CITY!)

Happy Birthday Mrs. E!!!!! Love the list! I need to get through mine and then start making another soon :)

I like the no-spend month. That's a great idea. I need to work on something like that...

46 - you should see about visiting the beautiful arboretum in Belle Plain (it's where S & I were married.)

Hope your day is beautiful!! Happy Birthday!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. E! Hope you have a wonderful day and many opportunites to check off another entry on that to-do list!

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I love your list except for the numbers that are dedicated to cleaning out/fixing up/washing. Those make me think of things I should be doing right now. heehee!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope this year is filled with many happy surprises and even more blessings for you. :)

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday - wow that is some list.

margie said...

i am "celebrating?" six years post stroke this week. i know what you mean.