Friday, March 5, 2010

Fab Five For The First Week of March

This week in recap:

1.  Testing. The sophs finished their State Testing for Reading.  Only 86% of them had to meet standards, so I can't complain when we have 91% who succeeded.   Next week, the sophs take the State Math Test.  Welcome to school in the 21st Century:  Test Central.

2.  Baxter.  He has taken over our house in the one week he has been with us. House training is going great; however, the sleeping at night is another story.  On Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, he was almost a homeless little puppy.  I require a bit more than four hours of sleep, and I don't care how cute and entertaining he is at 2:30 AM!

3. Sunshine!!  Everyone is in better humor from seeing the sun.  We've enjoyed a little bit warmer temperatures.  Who knew everyone could get so excited about the upper 40's?  The small snow drifts beside our trailer classrooms have finally melted, and I've noticed a few brave souls in flip flops! 

4.  Running.  Thursday, I ran 3/4 of a mile, walked 1/4, and ran another 3/4.  It wasn't too bad.  Tomorrow, two miles is on the schedule...and with no walking.  Yikes.  Do I dare time my 'wogging' two miles?!  I'm not sure I want to know!

5. Basketball.  The Mr.'s nephew is still playing basketball in the sub state tournament, so we are headed down to watch him play.  The Mr.'s cousins are coming for the game, and so are K and L.  In fact, L's CG is back from Philadelphia for the weekend and planning to go with us to see P play.  L has requested Mexican food at a favorite place for pre-game, so that is part of the plan for tonight, too.

My plan for the weekend is to dust off the camera and find time for a little something besides the puppy.  Yeah, wish me luck with that one!


Lisa said...

You deserve a great weekend after getting through assessments. Enjoy.

Steve Gravano said...

I'm glad Isabel sleeps. She has a habit of re-arranging her pillow in the middle of the night but that's about it. Good luck in the quest for photos.

ch said...

You know...there is a woman who runs in our neighborhood with a running stroller...for her DOG.

I think this is a must purchase item for you. Baxter was born to run.

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

91% - impressive! Even more so with the running - I am so proud! Don't worry about the time. 67% of all participants finished ahead of me in the 5k - what matters to me is that I finished. (Also that I'm a rock star. And you are, too!)

Debbie said...

I love your word "wogging" that would be about my pace - ha!!! Baxter sounds like he is ruling the house. Wow house training going well - that was always my nightmare with a new puppy. I am impressed. What a great week, hope your weekend is just as great.