Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, KS

Today is my kid sister's (KS) birthday.  This will be her last year in this particular decade. 

The KS is four years younger than I am.  Most of our lives we were just a bit out of sync.  I was in Jr. High and she was in grade school.  I was in high school; she was in Jr. High.  I was in college; she was in high school.  You get the drift.  And now that we are both mothers of girls and have much more in common, she lives in California and I...don't!  In fact, our adult lives have always found us in different states.  It is pretty much a bummer. 

Actually, the KS and I used to play together a lot on the farm.  She loved cats.  I always picture her lugging a cat around.  I'm not a cat lover, but we played paper dolls, hunted for shells, and swam in the creek. (We could tell you some good stories about leeches!)  When we got older, we wore each other's clothes.  (The KS hit her adult height and build in about 6th grade.) We were frequently mistaken for twins.  I didn't mind, but I'm sure she wasn't thrilled.

KS has always been the more daring of the two of us.  She readily admits to having a sassy little mouth when she was younger. But for all of her sass, she had such a tender little heart.  She was definitely the baby of the family.  Charm could get her out of a lot of trouble.  (My guess is that it still does!)

These days my sister is a mother of four daughters, an excellent cook, and a great photographer.  She loves wine and wineries as much as I do.  I hate being so far away from her when we have so much in common. (OK.  Maybe not the cooking, except I do like to eat!)

This is a photo of one of her photos that her husband had mounted onto canvas.  Isn't it amazing?

Hopefully, the KS has received a special package in the mail by now. Dad found Mom's old Betty Crocker cookbook from the 1950's.  I nabbed it the last time I was at the farm.  The book is tattered, worn, and stained.  I am pretty sure some of those stains belong to the KS.  I remember the summer of her learning to make bread and Baked Alaska.  She and Mom had such a good time cooking together.  It is only right that she inherits Mom's cookbook.  Happy Birthday, KS--and Bon Appetit!  Love you!

The KS and Mrs. E on a
2007 visit to California Wineries
(I'm thinking it is time for another visit and a new photo!)


Mary said...

What a great gift to give your sister! After living away from my sisters for 20 years, it's nice to have them close enough that they can pop in on me when they want!

puna said...

Happy birthday KS! Sisters are the best.

Gayle said...

Happy birthday to KS!

I love your new, springy banner image!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday to the KS! Hopefully it is a year of magic and (happy) surprises...and lots of trips to the wineries. ;)