Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything

My mind is crammed full.  This is the unloading zone today.  Sorry!

I posted this picture a couple of days ago on Quoth She.  Several were wondering about it.
We've had some stormy days in the last week, and I took this photo in that stormy light that is so great for photos.  When the tornado hit Tiny Town two years ago, four churches were destroyed.  Three of them were in town, and this historic church was about a mile outside of town.  It was leveled.  Recently, they have  built part of it back.
You can see the pile of rocks from the old church on the right.  I have no idea if they are going to try to rebuild it completely, or if they are just creating this as kind of a monument.  I always loved the old church, so I hope they resurrect it.

As for the blog remodel, my favorite part is the three rotating banners.  Since I love the seasons of the Midwest, I sent pictures that represent the four seasons for two of the banners.  The other banner is just pictures of things I love. I smile every time I look at those banners.

Baxter, on the other hand, really needs to outgrow his puppy stage.  He is house broken, but the biting is driving me crazy.  He isn't angry, just playing.  The vet came to give him his shots and said the biting will fade with the summer.  I'm hoping I can make it that long.  The Mr. said Baxter might just become a pound puppy if he isn't careful!  Muzzle shopping may be on tap for the weekend. (I'm kidding. I think.)

Running?  That is going great.  Strange how you can go from feeling so weak to so powerful.  I'm ready to hunt a 5K to run this summer.

The seniors have ten days of school left, counting today.  The underclassmen have sixteen.  Senioritis is in full swing, though some of the underclassmen show symptoms, too.  Not my sophomores though. I love my classes right now. They are still interested and still working for me. I hope they hang on for sixteen days!

Me?  I'm enjoying the end of the year.  After reading and hating "A Separate Peace" earlier in the semester, the students are loving "To Kill A Mockingbird."  Note to self:  always teach these novels back to back.  I like ending the year on a high note! 

How is that for unloading all my "deep" thoughts?!
Happy Thursday!


Mary said...

The church looks like it was beautiful. We have a church in the next town that has the same kind of stone, and it's gorgeous. Don't you let Mr. take Baxter to the pound! ;)
Middle son only has 6 more days of classes, then it's "senior stuff" and graduation on the 14th. I can't believe he's getting out of high school alive! :D
Have a good day!

Shannon said...

Love the new blog look! Just great!! Harry is still a bit nippy at times, but is doing better with the "no bite" command. Glad to hear the running is going well. I only have 2 weeks until my 5K. I am nervous!! Have a great end of the school year!

Gayle said...

I love the church photos. Hang in there, Baxter will outgrow the biting stage.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

You know, I think I love that old church just the way it is. It looks like you walk into God's house to find yourself in open air, realizing that you were always in His house all along. And I love the idea of praying with your arms outstretched in the open air. Kind of like Anne of Green Gables mixed in with the opening scenes from Sound of Music. :) I'm not all that religious, but it sounds inspirational to me!

Mrs. E said...

I heard from a Tiny Town friend who said this is the extent of what they are doing with the old stones. It is a memorial to the church that stood there. It is placed on the exact spot where the little mission church stood. Losing the buildings on the National Historic Register was just another sad loss after the tornado.

courtney said...

i loved that church, proud of you for your running commitment...K, too! Oh, for an ounce of your motivation...just an ounce...