Monday, April 19, 2010

Trailer High Prom

Tiny Town enjoyed beautiful weather for Prom weekend.  The poor students of Trailer High don't have very pretty surroundings for what is supposed to be a gorgeous evening.  We take heart that next year should be wonderful in a brand new school!

I grabbed a few pictures of the weekend.  Prom weekend in a small rural town is always interesting.
Decorations were required outside this year to hide or at least attempt to hide...
This.  Construction zones don't look all that great with Prom dresses and tuxes.
  Parents and community members show up to watch and take pictures.  What is the attraction? 
The rides.  There were two horse-drawn carriages.  (Also a couple of stray dogs who not only ran among the couples arriving, but also went into the Prom and had to be run out.  More than once.)
There are always hot cars.
And teen drivers who have been threatened within an inch of their life.  This is not the night for a fender bender.
The drivers pull up to the edge of the walk to make their entrance.  Dads, acting as valets, take their cars to parking spots.  The principal announces the names of the couples, and they enter through a gym door to go into the Prom held in the "cafagymatorium."  I don't have pictures, but they walked through a hallway covered in plaster board to get into the dance.  The decorations were beautiful; it was the getting there that was pretty sad.  *sigh*  Like I said:  One. More. Year.
There always seems to be at least one Limo, but the preferred ride of Trailer High students will always be trucks.  And I didn't get a single picture of one.  However, this ride took the cake:
Yep, they really arrived this way.  Check out these brave dates:
All dressed up for this??  Actually, they all thought it was a lark.  Kids never cease to amaze me. 

With or without a high school, kids always find a way to celebrate the milestones in life.  They make the best of bad situations and create memories that will last a lifetime.  Will it be any different next year in better surroundings?  I doubt it.  My guess is that these kids have learned a lot more than most of the students that have wandered the hallways of our old school.  They've learned to bloom wherever they are planted. 

Bless. Their. Hearts.


Mary said...

The dogs and the (whatever it is...I was going to say backhoe, but I don't think that's what it is!) are hilarious! Looks like they're making the best out of a bad situation!

Gayle said...

That is great! I think their memories will be just as sweet as the students from previous years!

Nelson's Mama said...

I love this tradition - my old high school does something similar and it's much more fun than limo and pomp that my daughter's high school is into.

I happen to think Nelson is pretty adorable too! I haven't been blogging much lately, just had shoulder surgery and he's been my constant companion!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Ha ha ha - love your last line. It's perfect! :) I also love that pink dress on the girl in the tractor shot. You are so right about this group of kids learning more than all the others...almost makes you wish you didn't have to graduate to a real school, doesn't it? *ALMOST*

Kirsty said...

Oh I love love love the shots! Thanks for sharin prom night with us! I am sure they will have the most fabulous memories of this night :)

Kitty M said...

Wow these are great pictures - I love the idea of having a prom unfortunately it wasn't a tradition in the UK when I was finishing school. I think it is something which is starting to catch on over here though. If only we could all have some sort of adult prom as well! American Proms always remind me of my all time fave movie Grease! xxx

lailani said...

This is wonderful! I like the idea of it being a community event and the adults taking such a sweet interest in this event -the tractor is absolutely wonderful though!!