Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Tuesday Tune for Barnes and Noble, The Gap, and Paneras

I'm sharing this Chipmunk version of "Bad Day."  It makes me laugh and it would be a fairly accurate description of yesterday.  Yep, a bad day.

It's a good thing I can laugh about my day off. 

I started at Barnes and Noble where the air conditioning was maxed and freezing me out. I could have stood that, but all the people working on computers and talking on their cell phone made reading a bit difficult.  It may be time for Barnes and Noble to ban cell phones.  I didn't last long there and purchased nothing.

Next, I headed to the mall to warm up.  I thought I'd look for some summer T's.  Seven stores later I decided that clothing manufacturers could stand to get the message that a T-shirt cut so low that you have to wear another shirt under it, kind of defeats the purpose.  And this is why I see so much cleavage at Trailer High.  No sale. No money spent.  (Did I mention that I spent 15 minutes at The Gap and not one sales person so much as said hello?  Weird. There's irony for you.  All the talking was going on at Barnes and Noble, where I would have liked the quiet.)

As disastrous as things were going, I was looking forward to a bowl of soup at Panera.  I waited fifteen minutes for my order.  Ten minutes of that, my bowl of soup sat cooling on their delivery bar.  Luke warm soup.  Oh yum.

The highlight of my day was cinnamon popcorn.  Sad, I know.

Oh, and it was so cold outside yesterday.  The wind gusting made 55 degrees feel a lot colder.

Eighteen school days left in this year.  I guess I can handle a less than spectacular day off.  I consider it resting up for the howling that is about to ensue from the returning of the research papers.  Let the fun begin!


Gayle said...

Oh, no! Lukewarm soup on a chilly day stinks. I know what you mean about the t-shirts. Check Old Navy. They have some styles that aren't cut low.

ch said...

Hee, hee...I have the same love for the Chipettes' version of "Single Ladies". I always tell LC that the little green Eleanor Chipette is a cartoon version of herself.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

We always loved kareokeing (is too a word) to the Chipmunks when we were younger. (College counts as younger, right?!)

Sorry your bad day thwarted you at every turn. Better days lie ahead - an entire summer of them!