Monday, April 12, 2010

Updates On Easy Street

I added the "players" at the top of my blog.  It has been a controversial move.  The Mr. asked if I could find a grumpier picture of him.  I assured him that I could.  That is the look I always get when I take his picture.  He hates it and never smiles.  He's still pretty cute though!  At least now, you can keep straight who I'm writing about.

I'm still trying to run 3 or 4 mornings a week.  I went back a week or two on the Couch Potato to 5K schedule.  Since I'm not trying to push it for a race, I can take it at my own speed and it is going much better. 

On the other hand, K and about ten colleagues and friends are training for a half marathon that is two weeks away.  They've been following a training schedule.  Yesterday, they completed a nine mile run and this week they will be running ten.  She's had frustrating days, blisters, and fatigue; however, she has worked her way through most of that and is getting excited for the trip to Nashville's Rock N Roll Half Marathon. 

K is also finishing her Master's degree in administration.  She has her comps this week, and then she'll be done.  (Yes, she has a hectic couple of weeks ahead of her.)

L just finished enrolling to begin her Master's degree this summer.  Her's will be a degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in classroom technology.  And then she is going to teach her ol' mom some things! 

Those two put me to shame.  Going to school again holds no appeal to me whatsoever!

The Mr. worked this weekend, but we still managed to get the camper cleaned out and the onions in the garden.  Now, he is finishing taxes for the deadline.  (We always have to pay, so last minute works!)
Sounds like the week ahead should be beautiful.  There is nothing like teaching high school kids in this wonderful weather!  I'm sure studying and school work will be first and foremost in their minds! Ha!  The sad thing is--they act just like their teachers!!


2Thinks said...

Nice pics- all the Easy Street peeps sort of look alike- even Baxter. And all the education majors- wowsa!

Did you create this in Flicker or what? I should try to make a photo header.

Thanks for your encouraging comments of late. I'm coming around....

It's sunny here, but cooler than it was a couple weeks ago, when we actually had a heat wave. So no onions for us, yet. Cleaning the garage here- graduation breakfast open house looming...

puna said...

I LOVE your header! I love that little Baxter is in the center! Your girls are so smart! You have taught them well. Keep running mrs. e and I'm so glad it's warmed up for those kids going between classes.

Gayle said...

Hey, Puna said everything I wanted to say!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful header! I'm liking it. I'm here to reassure your blogger friends your Mr. is the farthest thing from grumpy that you'll ever find and he really can, and does, smile often!

Mrs. E said...

Yep, Anonymous. He's pretty fun and funny-- until I get the camera out!!