Monday, May 3, 2010

Ah, May!

There are many buds, but this is the first and only rose.  So far. 

This week I am to run two and a half miles a day.  These cool mornings have made the running so enjoyable, but I have only been running a little over two miles a day.  We'll talk at the end of the week.

We didn't have much wind this weekend, and I managed to drag the bicycle out for my longest ride of the spring.  My favorite ride takes me out past a railroad bridge over the local creek. 
Besides my bike and helmet, there are only two things I need on a bike ride:  my camera and the cell phone.  The first is for me, and the second is for the Mr. (I think that is a holdover from the worrying after the stroke. Plus, it is good to know that a sag wagon is only a call away if I need one!)

Baxter loved this beautiful weekend, too.  In fact, in one of his psycho-run-like-a-crazy-dog moments, he managed to leap onto the couch. Next up: learning the 'stay off the furniture' command.  I have a hunch we're going to be needing it.

After school today I am going to a local gardening place to find a peony bush.  I wanted to put one out in the fall but was told they don't carry them, except in the spring.  I really love peonies, so I've been enjoying my neighbor's blooms.
If every day of May was as pleasant as this weekend,  I wouldn't mind a bit.  This was Saturday night's sunset.
It doesn't get much better than that.  I love May in the Midwest!


Puna said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I will be rooting you on for two miles a day!

margie said...

all of us loving yellow blooms today. two and half. you are killing me.

Dandy said...

So gorgeous. I love peonies... I wanted them at my wedding but they aren't around in the winter.

Did you say run and enjoy in the same sentence?

Shannon said...

Our peonies always bloom around Memorial Day and they are a favorite of mine too. They remind me so much of my Grandma. Love May. Love Spring. Have a ways to go before I can say I love running. But I'm still tryin'.

Gayle said...

Your photos in this post are so beautiful! I love peonies. We have one scrawny peony plant that is amongst the weeds and poison ivy in an overgrown area of our yard. Your neighbor's plant is so full and pretty!

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

Oh wow, what a beautiful view. If I shared mine, you'd cry. It's so depressing. I long to live somewhere with beauty all around us. Miami doesn't offer much of that in the city. (sigh) Still, we have a roof over our heads and that is something to be thankful for - even if the view out the window stinks.