Friday, May 14, 2010

Better Than It Could Have Been, But It Still Stinks!

Poison Ivy.  Yep.  I figured it out about an hour before I went to the Dr.  I went anyway.  The Dr. was quite happy to see it was posion ivy.  He was fearing it might be shingles.  (He's diagnosed a couple of cases in the last few weeks.)  Because it is so close to my eye, he prescribed five days of prednisone. 

How did I get it?  I weeded a little tiny patch of irises with garden gloves on.  That was early Saturday morning.  I didn't notice any breakout until Monday morning.  My money is on Baxter.  He loves the undergrowth on the edges of our property.  The swollen eye is on the side of the face he always snuggles into.  Scoreboard:  Baxter 187  Us 0

Did I mention that prednisone is supposed to increase the appetite?  Lovely.  Just lovely.  I've been trying to lose weight.  I can't run.  I can only walk if someone is with me.  Oh, let's make losing weight as difficult as possible! 

There was a little good news this week.  The ultra sound on my carotid showed only trivial amounts of plaque.  I'd like to keep it that way! 

On another happy note, today is the last Friday of the school year.  Don't think that isn't being celebrated!!  We're all on a countdown, and to quote blog friend Kelly, "Only 4 more get ups."  I like the sound of that!


FlowerLady said...

Oh Mrs. E I am so relieved for you. I hope your poison ivy goes away real soon. Bless your heart. Glad to hear there's only a little plaque also.

Wow, the last Friday of the school year. That is exciting for everyone, I'm sure. Summer is almost there for you and the kids.

Have a lovely last Friday of the year, and a great weekend.


Mary said...

Oh, sure...blame that cute little ball of fur! ;)
Glad to hear it was just poison ivy and not shingles. Good results so far from your tests!
Technically it's our last Friday, too. Next Friday is a 1/2 day and the kids are "encouraged" not to come! Most will come in and get their report cards, then head on out the door!

Puna said...

Wow, sorry about the poison ivy. You're right it stinks!

Gayle said...

Poison ivy's bad, but at least it's better than shingles. Yay for your carotid artery test results!

My kids have another month and a half of school, so there's no cheering going on here for a while!

B. Meandering said...

Sorry about the ivy, but glad it's not Shingles.
I have three more Fridays and am scrambling to be done by then.
The kids were shocked and bummed out that Tom ran and then was shot. We finish the book next week and then begin the movie. They too will be disappointed at what is left out, just as yours were.
Good news about the test. The prednisone is only for five days---I usually don't gain weight in that short of time period---I think you're more likely to if on it for a prolonged period of time.