Monday, May 10, 2010

On Monday and Mother's Day

Nine more days of school.  I think I can.  I think I can. 

I keep finding new bruises and new aches and pains from my fall, but I am back to school today.  I can't run, and I can't go for a walk unless someone is with me.  Lovely.  I have to go back for two more tests this week, and then hopefully it will be back to business as usual. 

The weather was so dreary and cool yesterday that I didn't get to the arboretum.  Ah, well.  Another day. 

We took breakfast to the Mr.'s mom and then came home to grill with the kids.  And we wore coats for the grilling!  Brrr...!

And of course, the talk of the day:
There was some talk of wedding plans.  I think the plan is for a simple, tiny wedding and then a party/reception with friends.  They are hunting the right date this week because the plan is for an outdoor reception with a back-up plan in case of bad weather. 

First on the agenda for all of us is the end of the school year and several graduations.  I have a niece and the Mr. has a nephew graduating from high school in the same weekend.  And this week the Mr.'s other nephew is graduating from college.  We're pretty proud of all of them. 

Let's hope I can stay on my feet this week. I don't want to miss any more days with my sophomores, and I think I have more than enough bruises for right now.   Who needs a tattoo when the bruises are body art enough?!


Puna said...

Oh have been having some excitement in your life! Congratulations to the entire family!

Mary said...

Glad to hear you're back at school today. Prayers are with you; continue to keep us posted.
The ring is beautiful!

bmeandering said...

I'm also glad you're back at school---an especially tough time of year to miss. I like the tattoo remark---if only our bruises could form in symbolic or at least cute forms!
I'm praying for good reports on the tests.
Lovely ring---she'll be using that left hand more for awhile!:)

A said...

Such a beautiful ring!! I was hoping there'd be photos of it!!! Sounds like you had a good mother's day (despite the coldness... we are actually rather cold and windy here in the city this weekend too... NOT what I want to have in May!!)

Keeping you in my thoughts... Stay well. xo

Gayle said...

I'm sending good thoughts to you and hoping that all is fine and you can get back to your normal routine quickly. I love the photo of your smiling girl with the ring on her finger!