Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Book and a Tune- Having Faith

I've been humming today's tune ever since I started Mitch Albom's book, Have a Little Faith.  I'm about half through with the book, and I'm really enjoying it.  It's a quick read.  My dad isn't a fan of Albom--thinks his books are a bit maudlin and overly sentimental.  I like them because they always leave me thinking. Come to think of it, most of the books that I've read this summer have given me food for thought--and that isn't always the case!

John Hiatt is today's artist.  His song "Have a Little Faith" has been sung by quite a few artists: Joe Cocker and Bon Jovi to name a couple.  I like Hiatt's piano playing and the 'rawness' of his voice.  I also love the black and white film and the joy of the children in his music video. 

And when your back's against the wall
Just turn around and you, you will see
I will catch you, I will catch your fall
Just have a little faith in me

I don't have to work today.  The women faculty are gathering at our retired secretary's house for a breakfast brunch that she hosts every year.  I love that lady.  She was the glue that held our school together for years.  Who am I kidding?  She's still the glue that holds us all together--her influence is everywhere!

After brunch I am headed to U town to the bookstore.  I miss working there, but I actually have more time to browse and read now!

This is shaping up to be a terrific Tuesday!!  Hope it is for you, too!


FlowerLady said...

Mrs. E. ~ Have a lovely brunch and enjoy the rest of your day. It sounds nice to me.

I just loved that music video. I love his voice too. I've never heard of him before.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Kim said...

I liked "Have a Little Faith" too. Enjoy the bookstore. They probably don't like me much at bookstores. Often I have my little pad and pen out, writing down books I want to reserve at my library. You have probably seen people like me there! Do you also check out the secondhand bookstore in U town? I like shopping there.

Cousin A said...

Hey...I agree with Uncle H. on the Mitch Albom...pure sappy yuck. I met him at a bookstore in Michigan and he was a rude jerk to everyone there. He also has a talk radio show on a Detroit area AM station and he also was a jerk on that show.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I love that song. Jewel has an interesting version of it, as well. Mitch Albom is hit or miss for me. I loved Tuesdays with Morrie and gave it to my mentor when I left college, though. Sounds like a lovely Tuesday, indeed!

Mary said...

Most school secretaries are amazing...they do run the school!

B. Meandering said...

The first time I came to Cinci to see M. (my husband now), we had been dating awhile. We shared a love of music and he wanted to take me to this place near UC that brought in singers that weren't doing the big venues. He was so excited about this guy---John Hiatt. It was an "intimate setting" in that you could get close to the stage and the singer. That was one of our best dates and we've had some great ones. We especially love this song.