Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scout, Tortilla S'mores, and Karen Kuehn Photography

Small things irking me this week-

1. Itchy skin.  I have a few mosquito bites, but I itch all over.  I'm not sure what the story is. (Thankfully, it isn't poison ivy!)

2. The pool hose.  The vacuum hose for the pool curls up like those old telephone cords used to.  It curls up so much it kinks- and then the vacuum doesn't work.  Uncurling the phone cords was easy.  The pool hose?  Not so much.  I spent about 90 minutes vacuuming the pool yesterday, finally got the hose unkinked and uncurled, and am hoping that this is a one-time only problem.

3. Flip flops (brand new). This lovely new purchase turns the bottoms of my feet black.  The dye wears off on my heels and toes.  Lovely. *sigh*

That's the bad news.  The good news:

1. L spent the night.  She made me tortilla s'mores.  She spread peanut butter on a taco size tortilla, adds mini marshmallows, and then adds either a few chocolate chips or a little bit of hershey bar.  She nukes the whole thing in the microwave for 15 seconds.  Finally, she folds them taco style.  Yum.  I think this is her own creation for "L's Tortilla and Stuff" restaurant.  Of course, L is also planning to run a daycare, so we'll keep you updated. 

2.  K's photo shoot ended up being a lot of fun.  All of her worries were for nothing.  Here is a link to  photographer Karen Kuehn's website.  I wish I could have gone to watch.  K said she was amazing to work with, and she's pretty certain that the students who came in for the shoot will never, ever forget this experience. I can't wait to see the finished product.

3. Last night, we went to the fields to watch the little ones play T-ball.  What fun!  We got a good laugh out of watching them all chasing the same ball, writing in the dirt, or sliding in to every base.  There were even a couple who cried every time before they went out to bat.  Sooo cute.  That was the best hour of the day!

Today, I am off to the pool again. Yesterday, a darling two year old girl named Scout came for a swim.  You know I loved that!  A little cutie named after one of my favorite literary characters!  Maybe she'll be back today with Atticus or Boo Radley in tow.


Mary said...

The s'mores sounds great! What a good idea! I LOVE to go watch t-ball: It makes me realize that I'm glad that stage of my life is over! Oh, and the kids are pretty funny, too!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Did I tell you that I have an Atticus in my first grade class for next year? And he IS adorable! Can't wait to try out the smores!

Kim said...

I love t-ball. There are so many approaches to this sport. While there are a few no-nonsense ball players, the majority are bird watchers, dirt kickers, outfield grass loungers, visit-with-your neighbor talkers, and, in Stafford, future train engineers as the train whistles its way through. What fun!

B. Meandering said...

I struggle with my garden hose--I can't imagine a pool hose!
Your summer sounds like it already has some good memories to tuck away. I'll have to try the s'mores with the grandkids. I also remember when P. was in t-ball. A little boy on her team hit the ball and then proceeded to try and catch it for the opposite team---we all had a good laugh!
It's cool that you have a Scout this summer. She's one of my favorite characters also.

Gayle said...

I am going to pass L's s'mores recipe on to my youngest son. I know he's going to want to try that!

Watching the little ones play t-ball sounds so sweet!

Puna said...

I just clicked over to Karen Kuehn's site and wow, thanks for sharing! Incredible.