Monday, June 28, 2010


Mary over at Life In A Small Town tagged me, so here goes! 

1- What’s your staple meal (ie. what meal do you cook most often when you can’t be bothered to be adventurous)?
Reservations???!!!   I don't cook a lot.  The Mr. handles most of it, but when I'm in a pinch...
Oriental Beef.  It is made with ground beef, ramen noodles, frozen stir fry mixed vegetables, ginger, and green onions.  It is is quick, easy, and yum!

2- What do you want to be when you grow up?
Retired. (Mary, we think alike!!)  I like the options that retirement can bring.  I used to think I would retire ASAP, but I have been rethinking that lately.  We'll see.  Right now, I'd really like to teach a few years in our new school.  (I'd hate to go out in a trailer!) 

3- What book are you reading at the moment (if any)?
If any...!  I'm reading City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare.  I've read a lot this summer, but I am back to reading young adult fiction for awhile.  (I guess that shows that my sophomores are always on my mind!)

4- How do you relax?
Reading and watching movies would be the number one way.  I am finding that my minimum wage job at the pool is really pretty relaxing this summer--especially on the weekdays.  (Weekends are another story!)

5- What color are the interior walls of your home?
The kitchen is yellow, at least for right now.  The family room is gold.  And the rest are a beige, though the bedroom is cream/beige striped wall paper.

6- What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Reality TV:  I love "Survivor," "The Amazing Race," "Biggest Loser," and my favorite is about to begin-- "Big Brother."   It is a sickness!! 

OR...   Ghiradelli Caramel Squares-- heavenly!

7- What time is bedtime and getting up time?
During the school year, I usually go to bed before 10; however, that turns into about 11 or 11:30 during the summer.  I get up at 5 during the school year.  During the summer I still get up at 5 if I'm walking or running; 6:30 if I'm not.

8- How long do you spend reading blogs (per day or per week)?
Probably about an hour, though sometimes a lot less.  My attention deficit disorder seems to be a lot worse in the summer.  (A hint here:  lots of smaller paragraphs keep readers engaged.  Some fellow blogger taught me that. It fakes out all the ADD or ADHD readers out there.)

Now, I get to tag a couple of people. So, I'm tagging Meg at The Little Black Blog, Kelly at The Hays Crew, Katie at Can't Get There From Here, and Kim at Kim's County Line.  Ladies, all you have to do is answer the same questions and then tag a few people. 

I'm beginning today with a run, and then I'm off to the pool.   It looks like it will be a beautiful day!


Gayle said...

Your oriental beef sounds yummy and easy!

Kim said...

Well, you made me face a fear today by tagging me! And I rose to the challenge. I will have to experiment with the oriental beef as well! I'm always needing quick things because I try to do "one more thing" before I make it to the kitchen to start dinner prep! Hope you had a relaxing day at the pool!

B. Meandering said...

Fun game! We get to learn some about you too.
My easy meal is a stir-fry variation too. I usually have cooked healthy brown rice frozen in packets. But when I don't I cheat with those Uncle Ben's 90 minutes microwave rice packets. I use black beans from a can and whatever fresh veggies that are in the fridge (sometimes I use frozen broccoli and frozen peas as fillers if I'm running low on fresh. It's a light but filling meal esp. after a day working in the sun.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I'm with Gayle - I'm totally stealing your oriental beef recipe!

And I'm glad I answered all of the questions in my head as I was reading - I feel like I'm already ahead in writing tomorrow's post!

Mary said...

Did I tell you we call it "Big Bother" here? Husband does, anyway. He hates reality tv, but I love it, therefore we don't spend a whole lot of time together in the evenings!

Relyn said...

I have been tagged with this one, too. I am posting mine tomorrow. It was fun to read yours.