Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Work

Today is the first day of the summer job.  This is the same job I worked two years ago, the summer of the tornado.  I am going to be a pool attendant, which essentially means I clean a pool and bathhouses and then hang out at the pool checking to make sure swimmers have paid to swim. 

This job is easy and also relaxing.  I don't mind the cleaning.  I usually spend a couple of hours of my shift on the vaccuming of the pool and the scrubbing of the showers.  The rest of the time, I hang out in the pool or am parked in a chair with a book and a lot of sunscreen.  I love having time to catch up on my reading.

The drawbacks of this job?  I have to wear a swimsuit in public and I have to shave my legs.  Other than that, it is a great job.

The summer of the tornado, this job was the perfect escape.  Only seven miles away from Tiny Town, it seemed like hundreds of miles away from the devastation that summer.  And most days I felt like I needed an escape.

I'm going to miss the bookstore, but not the drive.  Sometimes the girls come hang out with me at the pool, sharing a picnic lunch and enjoying a swim .  They couldn't do that at the bookstore. The Mr. drops by once in awhile, too.  Since he works at the RV park where the pool is located, he'll bring a cold drink or swing by on his way to check on a camper.  I don't think I ever saw him when I was at the bookstore.

Anyway, I'm locating a sun hat and reading materials and beginning the summer job today.

In a side note, I heard from the Dr.'s Office yesterday.  The nurse called to say the EEG was fine.  When I asked about the 24 hour heart monitor results (done the week before the EEG) she said she was sure they were fine, too.  I told her I guess that meant I could go back to walking and running and she hemmed and hawed a bit.  Then she told me that she'd talk to the doctor and get back with me tomorrow.  My guess is that all tests were fine which means nothing conclusive and a complete waste of three weeks and who knows how much money.

Oh, and if they think I'm waiting until they call to start running again, they've got another think coming.  (And so does the Mr.) I've wasted enough of my training and my time waiting for this whole lot of nothing.  That and I'll be in a swimsuit all summer...duh!!


Puna said...

You are certainly industrious Mrs E! Your summer job sounds perfect though. I was kinda wondering about your bookstore gig...

Mary said...

So, the attendants clean the pool? I'm going to have to tell my son; here the lifeguards do it. I can see those old, chubby ladies cleaning the pool! Oh, they don't wear a bathing suit, either!
Glad the tests were okay so far. Don't run alone until you hear from the dr.! :D

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I think you're right: if you had to give up the bookstore gig, this is just about the perfect job to take its place. Summer fun! And getting PAID for it! Woot!

Gayle said...

That sounds like a great summer job! Glad your test results are looking good.