Monday, July 19, 2010

First Boat Ride

Future son-in-law, CT, took us out on his fishing boat last night.  It is the first time I have been on a boat since my stroke four years ago. Pretty brave of CT and K to give it a shot, eh?! 

The stroke in the cerebellum affected my balance and gave me severe motion sickness for months to come.  Walking and even biking were a challenge during the first year.  As I was moving, the earth seemed to be moving at the same time.  It was fairly disconcerting.  Eventually I rode on a plane, but I knew boating would end up being the last thing that I would attempt.

CT waited for a fairly still evening before my first return trip to the water. Actually, it wasn't bad at all.  I was unsteady on my feet, and trying to move while the boat was moving wasn't pretty.  However, no motion sickness or vertigo--which was a relief!  I ended the evening with the beginning of a headache, kind of like the early signs of car sickness that I had as a kid.  But after two hours on the water, that was it!  

At one point, K and I jumped in with life jackets and floated for awhile.  CT and the Mr. caught a few fish, so at least CT got a little something out of it, too. 

This was our view on the water last night. It doesn't get much better. And that was one more thing I can check off my list of things to accomplish after the stroke.  Next up?  Snow skiing. 


FlowerLady said...

What a lovely evening and a great accomplishment for you Mrs. E.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Kim said...

Another victory is always a reason to celebrate, and you got your "trophy" with that gorgeous sunset. Beautiful!

Hays Family 5 said...

Yea!! How awesome for you to get one more thing checked off your list of to-do's. The picture is absolutely beautiful.

holybovine said...

Way to go! Getting on the boat was great, but jumping in the water?!? Lifejacket or not, that would have scared me more since, I'm guessing, that lake is deeper than 5 foot.

Gayle said...

That's great! Beautiful, too!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Good for you! I am so proud of you for attacking your life list like that! But I think you are going to give the Mr. a heart attack when you head out skiing! Maybe CT can take him ice fishing? :)

(P.S. - that sunset is breathtaking!)

Kitty M said...

Congrats Mrs E what a great achievement and a such a beautiful and magical photo - x