Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Favorites

Favorite moments of the week:

1. L and CG cooked for us on Monday and Tuesday when we returned home from vacation.  And they cleaned up, too!  Cooking is L's thing, but CG isn't too shabby either!

2.  Baxter.  He was so happy to see us when we picked him up from the kennel.  He licked and snuggled all the way home.  He sleeps until 5 or so now, which makes all of us in better humor!  He had his 2nd obedience class and is quite the star.  He performed "look," "come," "sit," and "stay."  (And that was with a week break from training.)  He learned "down," "stay," and "roll over."  To be honest, he had down and stay mastered before we left class and is getting pretty good at roll over.  However, he still has the attention span of a six month old pup!

3. To top it off, Baxter had a free grooming session after class.  He is adorable.  And he has a fan with his groomer, too.  She added a little purple and white bow to his collar.  It is "manly" enough that the Mr. hasn't cut it off yet.
4.  CT cooked supper for us last night.  K was his assistant.  (I think.)  Yum!  Bax went with us and enjoyed torturing their black lab Khalie.  There were several games of chase!

5.  Strawbale winery gave us a new drink recipe.  I call it Frozen Fun. 
Put equal parts of their Black Currant Wine, Margarita Mix, and Ice in a blender and blend until smooth.  Pour into a container and freeze, stirring about every 8 hours for the first 24 hours.  Yum!  Last night we enjoyed it on a deck in Tiny Town with friends and a beautiful sky!

I know this is supposed to be 5, but I have to add another!

Finally, I am making headway in running again.  This week I can run a mile, walk a quarter, and run another mile.  Progress!!

PS.  The Mr. finally found an AT&T technician in town and could tell him what was happening.  (After 3 phone calls, he had finally been given the work order!)  We now have a phone again!  And a note to AT&T--if you really want to know how your technician did, don't make an automated call to find out.  Try calling in person!


Kim said...

I enjoy cooking, but it's always great when someone else does it for a change. Glad you got the phone problem fixed.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Hooray for phones, obedient (and awfully cute) dogs, and fabulous children! What a great list to kick off your weekend!

Shannon said...

Baxter is adorable! I keep think he and Harry would have a ball together. For all their enthusiasm - they are pretty smart little dogs - even the Captain has to give Harry that much. That wine recipe is making me drool. Just got back from the pool and what I wouldn't give to have one of those in my hot little hand.

Mary said...

Baxter looks quite dashing with his new cut! He's one smart puppy!

Kitty M said...

Hope you have had a brilliant weekend Mrs E! Baxter looks so handsome with his new haircut and cute bow ;-) Alfie is resembling a rat at the moment - I literally have to chase him with the brush! Was Baxter lively when you brought him home ? Alfie does NOT STOP! He's been out all day with us and had two walks and is still running all around the garden lol. I will be looking into training classes as well very soon. Kisses Kitty and Alfie xxx