Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Yesterday's trip was a success.  The bride and her maid of honor (and only bridesmaid) both have shoes now. 

K has always been the girlie girl.  She only wanted to wear dresses to school in early elementary years.  On freezing cold days when I insisted that she wear pants, there were always tears.  She tap danced and was a cheerleader.  Pink was her signature color. 

Care to guess her choice of shoe color??  Yep.  Pink.  Hot pink.  Her maid of honor and her mother have hot pink shoes, too.  It is all about K's day! 

We also found out yesterday that K's wedding dress will arrive early next week.  It has already been shipped, so we are headed back next week for the alterations appointment.  This is about a month and a half earlier than expected, and K is relieved.  The idea of the dress arriving two weeks before the wedding had her a bit freaked.

L's bridesmaid dress is adorable: simple and sweet.  She tried it on with her pink shoes.  They are steaming out the wrinkles, and we will be bringing it home next week. 

Another mission accomplished:  I am finally back to running two and a half miles.  Ya-hoooo!  That is the distance I was running before the fall in May, followed by the doctor mandated hiatus.  Six weeks sure made me lose a lot of ground. 

Finally, Baxter pooch has mastered the look, come, sit, sit and stay, down, down and stay, and roll over commands.  Now, for the harder mission:  off and leave it.  He doesn't really care to stay off of people or leave whatever he is snooping in or trying to gnaw.  *sigh*  Obedience class.  Is it for the dog or the owners? 

I'm back at the pool today.  The girls spoiled me on Tuesday by visiting me.  Quickest shift ever!  Today is likely to seem a bit longer, but I have reading to finish and thoughts to collect.  Sometimes an empty pool and a lot of time on my hands is good for the soul!


Mary said...

That reminded me of Steel Magnolias: "Pink is my signature color"! Glad the girls found shoes...I'm sure that was a biggie!
Good for Baxter! You should post video of him!

Shannon said...

So exciting - all the wedding prep stuff. Hope you post lots of pics! Congrats with the running. I have been slacking off myself. It is pretty crazy how much ground you lose in a short amount of time. Have a great rest of the summer!

Kim said...

Sounds like you've had a productive wedding week! I was so glad to be able to be included in all the wedding details - even with Jill across country for a lot of the planning time. Getting to shop for the dress and going back for the alterations session created great memories with my girl. Hope your thoughts weren't blown away in this Kansas "breeze" this afternoon!

B. Meandering said...

So glad you found the shoes.

Puna said...

Hot pink shoes? Oh lala! I wish I was in the mood to read...