Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bachelorette Party: "That's What Friends Are For"

K's bachelorette party was held this past weekend.  Her little sister and one of her best friends planned it for her.  Friends from Chicago flew in.  K only wanted her friends who knew each other to attend.  She didn't want to have to work the room like a cocktail party. 

This was the original group of friends:  M, J, K, and B.  M and K have been friends since pre-school days.  J joined them in middle school, while B came on the scene in high school.  They went to college together.  They hadn't planned to live together, but extenuating circumstances changed that.  (M's mom was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after they graduated from high school.)  They needed each other.  The whole group has been there for each other through thick and thin, happy and sad.
Then K added a few additional friends:  her own little sis L, J's little sis who cheered with them in high school, M's big sis who the girls idolized when they were growing up, and E who lived with several of the girls after college and has grown to know them all. 

Oh, and they invited the Mother of the Bride, too.  I was honored to share this day with some of my favorite former students.  I feel fortunate to feel like a friend to these incredible young women.  And just so I wouldn't be the only "oldster,"  K invited her Aunt B who has met some of these girls through the years. Aunt B also happens to be quite devastated that she isn't invited to attend the actual wedding--only the reception.  K thought this might ease her pain.  (Still not sure that worked!)

The girls had such a good time.  There was a brunch and bridal shower.  There were amusing games.  This one involved K chewing a lot of gum.  Every time she missed a question that CT had answered, she had to add another piece of gum.  Obviously, she didn't do that great!  We even decorated koozies for our evening out.
There was a lot of time to catch up, eat snacks, and then they had a lingerie shower.  Everyone had time to cuddle M's six week old baby Sloane, who was attending her first bachelorette party!
A limo picked us up and took us to a seafood dinner. I had never been in a limo before; something all of these girls have done before.  So the oldster was the newbie!

After dinner we went bowling at a place with a live DJ. (M had given everyone crazy socks to wear.) And finally, we ended the evening at a great dueling piano bar.  The limo returned for the ride home.

The planning that went into this day for K was amazing.  L was so organized, and M so gracious that the day was exactly the day and evening K had requested!  It was a relaxing, fun gathering of dear friends:  a nice "Final Fling Before the Ring."

This song is for K and friends.  I have loved it for a long time.  They don't make them like Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder any more.  Actually, I'm not sure many people are lucky enough to have the "girl friendships" that K and these young women share.  We should all be so lucky!

"Keep shining, keep smiling
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure--
That's what friends are for
In good times, in bad times
I'll be on your side forever more
Oh, that's what friends are for..."


FlowerLady said...

What a lovely post, evening and story about friendships.


Katie in MA said...

What a great send off! K is lucky - they all are - to have such great friends she can count on.

Kim said...

So glad you got to be a part of the fun! What great memories!

Puna said...

awww...looks like a great time! To be young again...two cocktails and I'm out!

B. Meandering said...

So happy for you -- to have such a wonderful relationship with your daughters and their close friends. Sounds and looks like a lot of fun!

Gayle said...

That sounds like a great time! I love all of your photos!