Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Food Faves

I know I spent last summer telling you how much I love BLT's.  I still do.  I've even had a BLT for breakfast this summer.  Unfortunately, between the heat and a tomato loving fox in the neighborhood, we've had very few tomatoes on Easy Street.  Thankfully, friends have given us their surplus, so there hasn't been a shortage of BLT's for me!

Another favorite food this summer is garden fresh, too.  I love cucumbers, onions, and vinegar with a bit of sugar and salt and pepper.  I could easily eat a cucumber a night!  This dish has become a staple of our evening meals.

So that's it for the fresh vegetables!  I've also discovered this:
This cereal is delicious.  I'm counting on the fiber to make it at least a little healthy.  It is so good, I love to eat it dry for a snack.  I figure since a serving is 1 cup, if I eat 1/2 cup I can get away with a cereal that tastes so good!  
I know Dairy Queen Blizzards have been around for a long time.  I have always thought their small Blizzards were too much.  I usually felt a little sick after that much ice cream.  At last, they have come out with a Mini Blizzard!
They've been advertising it as a "child's size."  Actually, it is probably about as much as most of us should be eating for a dessert.  Finally, they are making a healthier portion choice available.  Let's hope this isn't just a short-time promotion.  Oh, and I can speak highly for the Banana Cream Pie Blizzard!  It's almost as good as my seasonal favorite:  the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard!

Sonic used to have a Junior Banana Split.  It was so tiny and the perfect price and size.  They did away with it.  Darn it.  (I'm feeling a writing campaign needs to begin!!)  Wendy's has a Junior Frosty.  Again, it is advertised for kids, but is really a perfect size for adults.  K and L love McDonald's little reduced fat ice cream cones.  I hate cones, so they don't appeal to me.  So there are some healthier options out there if you are looking for an ice cream treat this summer!

There you have it, some of this Friday's summer favorites!  Just writing about all this food makes me feel the need to go for a run!


Debbie said...

Are you hungry today? LOL! Just reading this makes me want to do a quick run to DQ......On second thought, maybe I'd better go to the kitchen pantry for some of that fiber you were talking about.

Dandy said...

Reduced fat ice cream cones? Fantastic! OK you had me at banana cream pie blizzard.

And I love that cucumber salad... soooooo good.

kath said...

I love the smaller portions, it means I can enjoy without gorging, I can't waste food so I eat it!

Relyn said...

My summer favorites:

the pool
the pool
the pool

OK, also the way it finally cools off along about midnight and it feels like such a gift.

And popsicles