Friday, September 10, 2010


Since this has been a four day week, I have been on the wrong day all week long.  Well, at least it's Friday and not Thursday!   

Let's see.  Let me share some of the other "fun" of this week. 

1.  On Tuesday morning, I was sick.  Scary sick for me.  It reminded me of the dizziness I felt in the first few weeks after my stroke.  I was about ready to suggest a trip to the ER, when the Mr. learned that our librarian at school and several others had felt the same over the weekend.  Seems like a strange little bug was going around.  Thankfully, it only lasted about 5 hours.  So...

2.  I had my first sub of the school year.  No problems.  Yahooooo!  And...

3. I missed the first day of MAPS testing.  Remember my little tumble last spring??  That was during MAPS testing, too.  Seeing a pattern here???  (I told the principal it might be time to give up the MAPS testing.  It is just too hard on me!  He wasn't that interested in my plan.  Darn him and his being so sensible!)

4.  On the morning run yesterday, a light mist was falling.  I took out on my run, while the Mr. walked Baxter.  Right at the end of the first mile, the light mist turned into a downpour.  I could have been in a wet T-shirt contest, which made me even more grateful that I run in the dark!  Rick and Mr. B got soaked, too.  We now have no reason to give Baxter a bath this week.  Oh, and have I mentioned what fun it is to run on our wet brick streets?  It's kind of like running on a slip 'n slide!

5.  I went to my service sorority meeting this week and discovered, to my surprise, that I am the secretary this year.  Ugh!  I have to pay attention during meetings now.  I have to take notes.  I have to mail our attendance and minutes off to the international office.  I have to be *gasp* responsible! Drats!!

I think I'm glad this was a short week.  I'd hate to see what one more work day would/could bring.


FlowerLady said...

It sounds like your week was full. Glad you had nothing more than a bug, and that you didn't fall on the brick slip n slide.

Have a great day today and a restful weekend.


Mary said...

Hmmm...the MAPS testing: a coincidence or....? LOL!
Glad it was just a bug..I know that had to have been scary.
Have a good weekend! We have Prof. Dev. on Monday, so it's just like a day off!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I'm glad you get to rest up this weekend - maybe you can give that "luck" you've had this week the slip. That's scary about being sick on Tuesday - glad it turned out to be just a bug!

Dandy said...

I so would like a video of that run! A wet t-shirt slip n slide contest!

Gayle said...

I'm glad your bug went away quickly. That sounds scary. I just finished a four year stint of being the recording secretary for two different PTAs. I'm so glad I don't have to pay attention and write the minutes any more!