Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank You Very Much

I'm feeling it today.

1.  Thank you fall activities.  It would be easier to write down who is in class, rather than who is absent. When 13 out of 19 are missing in one class, it is bordering on ridiculous.  Tennis, volleyball, cross country, FFA, and journalism have all been snagging my students.  I have one student who I have only seen once in 8 days.  (Can his parents send a picture to remind me what he looks like?)

2.   And then thank you to the "darling" student who came into my room after school and gave me some snotty attitude about makeup work.  Come to find out, she hadn't picked up her makeup work information sheet out of her folder.  I guess she thinks I put those in there because they are so much fun to do.  And she wonders why I get frustrated when the information she needed was still on the board AND in her folder.  When so many students are missing, I cover my bases in terms of making sure the work comes in.  Now it would be nice, if the students would return the favor... politely!  I'm thinking that my classes might be having a chat about that today-- with me doing the chatting!

3. A huge thank you goes out to the 325mg aspirin I take each day.  I bruise like a peach!  Add in moving K and CT this past weekend, and my body looks like it is trying to imitate camouflage.  Did I mention that my dress for the wedding next week is sleeveless?  I'm hoping these bruises fade fast, or I may have to invest in body makeup!  (I guess I should be thankful that the aspirin is doing its job.)

And today is only Thursday??  It's Homecoming week. It seems like it has been a month since Monday. *sigh*  And I have enough to do that could fill a month.  You can triple that sigh. 

I'm going to my happy place.  Repeat after me, "It's Friday Eve.  It's Friday Eve." 


Puna said...

My daughter has not been to school this week at all. Sick...CT scan.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I think you need to go for another run today...let all the bad gunk out. Sending you my daily allotment of happy thoughts!

B. Meandering said...

I had to grin--I'm sure I know that 'snotty' student! Mine this morning was over the excuse slip all students are to show to EACH teacher after an absence. 'He' only missed two periods yesterday and he gave his note to the office and they KEPT it. Uh, yeah, and he was supposed to go back this morning and get his official slip.
We're in homecoming week too. The good thing was today was traitor day and tomorrow is spirit day, so teachers get to wear jeans two days in a row. (traitor day is when you wear a t-shirt from a rival school).
Hang in there. :)
Oh, I started TKMB. I gave them an intro packet in which I had underlined what I considered important. I went over it verbally in great detail. Then I told them they would have a quiz over it tomorrow. The look on their faces--
"You mean we have to actually know this stuff?"
"Nah, I just give it to you for my health."