Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Fun

We've had a lot of fun lately. 

*Last weekend we joined friends for a wine tasting, hor d'oeuvres, and a tour of a local winery.  (A couple of guys had bought the evening at a silent auction at a golf tournament.)  It was nice of them to invite us to join them.  We had so much fun.  You know how I love wineries!!  I'm already hunting for other state wineries to visit!

*The Mr. and L have joined a local YMCA.  The Mr. swims.  L works out on their weights, treadmills, and ellipticals. He goes early in the morning; she goes after school.  Swimming is easier on the Mr.'s joints, and L has always loved working out in gyms.  (Running is not her thing.)

*K and I have been walking the dogs after school.  The dogs are ridiculous.  First of all, when they see each other it is like watching a love story.  They run to each other like they haven't seen each other in years, nearly yanking our arms off of us as we try to rein them in.  They nuzzle each other for a bit before we head out for the hills.  On the walk, they tangle their leashes again and again.  Baxter chases leaves as they blow, and Khalie goes on point for "lawn art" birds.  They are quite a duo: the big black lab and the feisty white shih poo. 
*I am still running three times a week.  I ran three and a half miles last weekend.  It is getting easier.  When K runs with me, we talk as we run.  (Well, she talks; I concentrate on breathing.)  I think I am ready to run a competitive 5K. 

The really fun time???
No root canal on Easy Street.  Ta-da!! The dentist thought the tooth might be cracked to the root.  There was a good chance I would be back to see him within a year, and that the tooth would probably need to be pulled anyway. 

Lucky for me, the tooth with the problem is the very back molar.  I won't need an implant.  The curve of the jawbone won't allow other teeth to shift or move.  BUT... I can't get in to see the oral surgeon until the end of November. 

In the meantime, I guess I will continue to avoid chewing on that side of my mouth.  I'm sure a little wine and chocolate can soothe my pain.  Oh, and candy corn--my favorite Halloween candy!

I'm leaving you with the sunrise I saw Monday morning.  I took this picture as I was walking to my classroom at Trailer High.  Typical small town.  Typical elevator.  Not so typical sunrise. OK.  Maybe our town and school aren't so typical since the tornado either, but what a great way to begin a day!
Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I look at candy CORN as a Halloween VEGETABLE!!!! Is there something wrong with that?

2Thinks said...

Michigan has some nice wineries up north. Been there? Funny comment above mine re) candy corn vegetable, ha!

Hope this wind we're experiencing yesterday and today leaves Tiny Town alone.

Shannon said...

we have had some sunrises like that here too lately (elevator included). Maybe it happens quite often but I am never up early enough to see them. :)

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

You go girl!! I am getting back into my running groove, so I will just cheer you on from waaaay behind you on the trails. :) (And if you think about visiting other state's wineries, there's a few near here that would make for a great excursion!)

Puna said...

You and I are so much alike. Wine, chocolate and candy corn. And I only chew on one side of my mouth:)