Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seriously?! Again?! And Again??!

Last spring I fell while walking the sidewalks of Trailer High.  I didn't trip.  I don't know if I blacked out for a moment or what.  A trip to the ER revealed incredibly low blood pressure (not the norm for me, trust me!) and a "Lance Armstrong" pulse.  Six weeks later after an abundance of tests...nothing!  Nada!

So last Friday in my overly crowded trailer classroom, I fell again.  This time, a student stepped out right when I went behind her.  She ended up accidentally tripping me.  I tried to regain my footing, but there were  backpacks in the aisle.  Yep!  All the way to the floor!  I cleared a row of portfolios off a shelf while I was going.  The kids were freaked, but just a couple of bruises on my left side--so no real damage done.

And then...

Last night I was helping L carry some things into the house from her car.  Somehow, I managed to stumble on two of the last steps into our house and ended up on our concrete steps.  I managed to save one pie (pumpkin, of course!) and her computer, but another pie (apple) wasn't so lucky.  The knees of the jeans I was wearing didn't fare so well.  Neither did my knees for that matter. 

*sigh*  Are you thinking what I'm thinking??  Sounds like someone needs to get working on balance exercises again.  If I keep going at this rate, I am going to be the black, blue, scraped, and bloody woman. Not quite the look I am going for.


Mary said...

Oh no! Black and blue for Thanksgiving...not a good thing!

holybovine said...

You be careful, CC. I'm guessing your center of gravity has shifted due to your weight loss.;-) Not that I would personally know, but it makes total sense to moi!

FlowerLady said...

Mrs. E ~ How awful. I have learned that I have to move slower and watch where I'm walking these days.

In spite of your bruises and scraped knees, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Oh no! But I guess the silver lining is that you know the causes this time. I don't think the Mr. could take too many more medical mysteries. PLEASE be careful, dear!