Monday, December 27, 2010


My family has me covered.  Or at least my hands.  I received three pairs of gloves for Christmas, not counting the pair I bought for myself.  And I love them all! 

First of all, I have learned that running in this cold weather requires a certain type of glove.  Wear regular glove and you'll find yourself sweating to death.  Thankfully, a friend suggested the white cotton gloves that the kids wear in Marching Band.  They are wonderful.  And cheap.  And perfect!  So I talked the band instructor into selling me two pairs:  one for myself, and one for running partner, K.

Then, Santa put two pairs of Isotoner gloves in my stocking.  I now have dressy black driving gloves.  The others are my favorite style.  They are the mitten/glove combination.  You know the kind, right?  Your fingers can stick out, or you can pull the mitten part over your fingers to cover them.  They are just perfect for walking.  In fact, Santa found similar pairs for K and L, but their's are Isotoner smart touch gloves.  The index finger is made to work touchscreen devices like cell phones and ipods. 

I saved the best for last.  L bought me a pair of ski mitten/gloves.  My fingers can stick out if I get too hot, but the mitten can cover my fingers when I'm cold, too.  They have a pocket to enclose hand warmers.  (Those little packs you shake, and they generate heat.)  I love them and the hand warmers she gave me.  This is the winter of my return to skiing. And these gloves take me one step closer to the slopes!

To be honest, I think my family had finally had it with the stretch knit gloves that I buy in packs of three for $1.78 or so.  They aren't very warm.  I complain a lot.  They look like something a grade school kid would wear.

So now if you're in Tiny Town and you see someone with really cool gloves-- it will probably be me!


B. Meandering said...

Very thoughtful of them! :) I didn't realize how complicated keeping your hands warm could be.

A said...

Oooo I totally need new gloves! I'm more of an arm warmer person, but I'm thinking the tips of my fingers are going to get really cold this winter if I don't invest in a few new pairs (of course all the fabulous ones I had last year are now missing their other half!)

PS: When are you guys heading for the slopes? We are heading West in February for our first trip in a few years :)

Dandy said...

I never realized their were so many different kinds of gloves!